Nongshim is one of the best known Korean brands of instant noodles. The company began in 1965 in Seoul. Their line of products include the famous Chapagetti and Shin Black, often regarded as one of the best, spicy instant noodles.

I found this Shin Green vegan Mushroom and Fried Tofu flavor at Sun Foods on University Ave in St. Paul. Stores like Shuang Hur sell instant noodles in big packs of four+, while other stores offer singles.

Sun Foods has a decent variety of single packages.

I chose this flavor because it just sounded really good!

What I like about Sun Foods the best is that their deli is open right away in the morning. They may not have everything ready to go at nine a.m., but similar to Ha Tien, they set out a lot of their hot food items for people like me who want to eat savory things as soon as they wake up.

Sun Foods has dollar eggrolls, spicy sambusas, and sesame balls.

The eggrolls are small but tasty – the sambusas are actually fairly sizable, but the sesame balls! Chewy, crispy on the outside, not too oily, and filled with an egg yolk filling. I bit into it expecting bean paste which I sort-of-like, but loved the egg yolk.

This noodle package contains three packets – two powders and the dehydrated additions.

I cooked for four minutes in the microwave.

The noodles are. . . really delicious.

Shin has better than average quality noodles – not too thin and mushy. And the broth is pleasantly spicy – like, actually pleasantly spicy for people who enjoy heat (7/10 level?). In addition to the spice, I really liked the umami mushroom note floating in the background. It gives the soup an extra umami flavor.

There aren’t many mushrooms and tofu pieces, but what’s there also tastes good.

I really, really like this bowl of instant noodles.

Rating: 9.6/10. S Tier. 

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