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25 Days of Ramen, Already Lost Track: Bulalo Beef Bone Marrow

On the 23rd day of ramen, I tried the Lucky Me! brand Bulalo Beef and Bone Marrow flavor noodles.

Lucky Me! is a Philipino brand of instant noodles established in 1989 (according to Wikipedia).

Bulalo is a Philipino beef shank soup.

The real version of the soup looks delicious – if you look at the big beef shank cuts in the soup, you can see how it gets a beef marrow flavor. Here’s a recipe from Filipino Chow that caught my eye.

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Merry 25 Days of Ramen (not really)

I would review more frozen celebrity chef meals, but the last Guy Fieri series broke me.

As an avid YouTube connoisseur, I love when creators do holiday series where they post a lot. Some call it Vlogmas or Glo-mas, or some type of other clever name, where they post all 25 days of Christmas during December.

Realistically, I won’t have the time or energy to post every day, but I will try to post more.

How about a good old fashioned instant ramen review?

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Trader Joe’s Kimbap: Is it Worth The Hype?

The other day when I was shopping at Trader Joe’s, I noticed a cooler filled with frozen Kimbaps with a sign that said “Limit 2 per customer.”

“That’s funny,” I thought.

Was it a marketing ploy or hyped-up Tik Tok product? If it was simply a marketing ploy, it almost worked. Suddenly I felt compelled to put two in my basket.

I just downloaded Tik Tok in this 2023 year of our Lord. 

I have yet to make a videos and I think I have one friend . . .or whatever they call them on Tik Tok. The only reason why I finally downloaded it was to see RushTok after seeing Bama Rush. And to laugh at the Burning Man people getting stuck in the mud.

If there is a food or make-up product going viral on Tik Tok, I’m blissfully unaware.

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An East Side Eggroll Post

My current obsession is eggrolls.

I won’t turn down an eggroll, even the dollar eggrolls you can get at Quick Trip, but my favorite eggrolls are Hmong eggrolls.

The first Hmong eggroll I ever tried blew my mind. In high school we had festival where students could share aspects of their culture. One person sold Hmong eggrolls and I couldn’t get enough.

They’re the perfect morning food to enjoy with a bubble tea or cup of coffee. I wish it was more common place around here. I prefer savory breakfasts and while bagels or breakfast sandwiches are delicous, there should be more eggrolls! Continue reading

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