Revolution Hall At The Rosedale Center: First Impressions

I have a long-held fascination with malls and food courts. Especially mall food courts.

Growing up, we frequented the mall food court. Everyone could split up and reconvene with their favorite foods; A slice from Sbarro, a baked potato loaded with teriyaki chicken from 1-Potato-2, a combo from the Chinese restaurant or Philly cheesesteak from Steak Escape.

These days many malls are barely hanging on for dear life and others are still thriving.

The Rosedale Center, a thriving mall, located in Roseville, Minnesota (a suburb located near St. Paul) revamped their food court. Sure, there’s still an Orange Julius/Dairy Queen/Karmelkorn. But now there’s this fancy new food *hall.

Revolution Hall just opened just last month. The concept of a food hall is very cool. With the decline of malls and giant department stores, food halls are a compelling way to fill these empty spaces. It’s especially fun to see one of our childhood malls revamped – it was actually built long before we were born in 1969.

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Winter Eats: From Small Town Sushi To The Best Cauliflower Dish Ever

Wishing you a happy holiday season! For the first time since we dated, we decorated. We have a jolly, fake Christmas tree from Bachman’s (came out of the box with lights on!) and a garland of lights that reminds me of “Stranger Things” when it blinks. Oh, and we placed a stocking for Trayse the dog above the mantel.

Here’s some late fall/early winter tastes I wanted to share:

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Eight Years Later: Reflections From A Semi-Retired Influencer

I feel like this chapter of my life could be titled “Tales From a Semi-retired Influencer.” From the first post I published on my old Blogspot blog to the present, it’s been a wild ride. Here are some thoughts that have been whirring around my heat and heart lately as I reflect on joys, regrets and learnings from sharing myself online for much of a decade:

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Scallion Pancake Quest At Grand Szechuan

Grand Szechuan in Bloomington, MN has been on our list to re-visit since moving back to the Twin Cities

Recently, My Annoying Opinions published a post in which he mentioned his family’s favorite restaurant is Grand Szechuan. This inspired us to visit sooner than later.

Back when we lived in Bloomington eight years ago, we visited Grand Szechuan occasionally. I don’t remember loving the handful of dishes we ordered from both the American Chinese and more traditional Chinese menus. But we liked them well enough.

The one food we specifically returned for were the scallion pancakes. Jake especially loved these scallion pancakes, adding Grand Szechuan to our dining rotation specifically for the pancakes. We’d order extra  to enjoy for leftovers.

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I Handwrote A Dining Bucket List: World Street Kitchen

This weekend I sat down and handwrote a list of all of the places in the Twin Cities I wanted to try.

I’m not so much in the mood to chase the hottest new restaurant openings (although I guess I did just make a reservation for Hyacinth). What I’m really in the mood for is chasing the places that have bene around for a while that we haven’t tried yet.

When you live in one place for a while you can take things for granted. For example, in St. Louis, we made it a point to see all of the major attractions in the area. We talked about how we should  do the same in our own home state and visit the History Museum, Wabasha Street Caves, and James J. Hill house.

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