Highlights From My 1st Summer Visit: Mill City Farmers Market

It’s been years since I’ve visited the Mill City Farmers Market.

This market is larger than the Midtown Farmers Market (my recent post here) and much smaller than the Minneapolis and St. Paul downtown markets.

It’s really a perfect size.

Founded by Brenda Langton, the market is located in a space between Spoonriver and The Guthrie near the Stone Arch Bridge in downtown Minneapolis. On a nice morning, the scene is dreamy; Happy people walking their dogs and wandering the market, the morning sunlight glow illuminating the grassy hill and sculptures rising up from Gold Medal Park.

This stretch of 2nd street N. is very busy, but I never have trouble finding a street parking spot earlier in the morning. I like to visit the markets before 9 a.m.

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Trader Joe’s Taste Test: Three Curious Frozen Foods

I visited Trader Joe’s with the intention of buying the three, strangest frozen food items I could find for this taste test.

I lost my nerve when I encountered microwavable shrimp tacos sprinkled cotija cheese and an unsettling cheap bag of frozen paella listing “fish powder” as one of its ingredients .

See my running list of things we’ve tried at Trader Joe’s. 

In the end, I chose three items that peaked my curiosity. I’ve walked by them on many visits, wavering on whether or not I wanted to finally buy them. After work one evening, I heated them all up for dinner. Here’s my thoughts:

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First Summer Visit To The Midtown Farmers Market (Minneapolis)

I think we skipped spring in the Twin Cities.

Winter transitioned right into summer when that April blizzard transitioned into 90 degree weather. I realized that I had forgotten about visiting farmers markets. This winter and nonexistent spring, I’ve gotten into the habit of visiting bakeries and getting my groceries first thing Saturday morning.

Visiting the Midtown Farmers Market was an instant mood booster. As people shopped, live music played and children played ping pong with police officers and a giant carrot mascot. This is my go-to farmers market; it’s close to home, smaller, yet provides my staples (veggies, eggs, bread, fruit, meat, pickles), and has several vendors serving hot meals and beverages like coffee drinks and kombucha.

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Our Holy Grail Patty Melt At Stewart’s (St. Paul, Minnesota)

The Patty Melt:
I wish I had a better photo of this patty melt but I don’t.

Jake  loves patty melts. He’s in the “Even bad patty melts are good patty melts” camp. Patty melts have never been my preferred style of burger, but, then again, I’ve only had pretty bad patty melts. This is not a bad patty melt.

Earlier this summer, we noticed Stewart’s added a patty melt to their dinner menu. Jake couldn’t stop raving about it and has ordered it each visit since. Stewart’s makes his personal favorite patty melt and the remedy to a long week.

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How To Survive A Miscarriage

  1. Cry a lot.
  2. Ask your doctor when you can have a drink.
  3. Take time off from work.
  4. Sleep.
  5. Binge watch some good shows.
  6. Buy shit on Amazon.
  7. Try not to blame things (spouse, yourself, whatever meals you ate that week, that one time you think you lifted something or felt stressed out. . . )
  8. Order your favorite take-out and delivery for as many meals as your heart desires.
  9. Eat a lot of JonnyPops.
  10. Stay hydrated.
  11. Lean on your medical providers and don’t question whether or not you are asking them too many questions.
  12. Tell or don’t tell the people of your choosing.
  13. Pet a dog or a cat.

Actually, I have no idea how to survive a miscarriage. I’m still trying to figure it out as I go.

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