Reviewing fun foods, junk foods, fast foods, and frozen foods! All made up and nowhere to go during this pandemic. Might as well eat some stuff.

Fall 2022
Summer 2023
Pork Schnitzel and Octoberfest Buttered Spaetzle Meal Kits (September 2022)

Beecher’s World’s Best Mac & Cheese (October 2021)
Benihana: Yakisoba and Rocky’s Choice (February 2023)
Birds Eye Frozen Appetizers (February 2022)
Frozen burrito wraps / TaDah!,Falafel Street Wrap, evol Breakfast Burrito, Amy’s Vietnamese Wrap (February 2021)
Gordan Ramsay Frozen Meal Taste Test (Fall 2023)
Guy Fieri Frozen Meal Taste Test (Fall 2023)
Third Trimester -Running Ice Cream Taste Test (Started January 2021)
Rao’s Made For Home: Three Frozen Entrees (February 2021)
Trader Joe’s Kimbap (November 2023)

Ore-Ida Just Crack An Egg Cups (February 2021)