Something Old

Does anyone read blogs anymore?

I’m not even sure.

At least a year before the pandemic, the answer was a clear, not really?

I found myself at an influencer event where nobody blogged anymore.

I was basically Tom the dinosaur MySpace guy.

The reality is that I’m just not a Tik Tok girlie. I’ve created with it, but I don’t really like want to. I like blogging, but I want to try something else.

Maybe email subscriptions the future for people like me who liked to blog, but don’t enjoy making video content.

Anyway – I started a Patreon and am going to try shifting to publishing here, via email. I would love if you would consider signing-up! It’s free.

There is a paid membership level for those who would like to support food reviews.

The posts might be weekly, they might be bi-weekly.

I want to write when I’m feeling motivated and feel more free to share little diddies about whatever I’m inspired by, whether it’s something good that I ate, drank or grilled. Or sharing about the other things I kind of really love like 90’s nostalgia, the latest cult documentaries, or my new love – adventures in thrifting.

I want to share things that are shorter than a blog post and longer than a Tweet. Such as. . .what is this mystery coffee flavor that I found in my coffee pod box?

I will report back in my first post!

Shout-out to my Aunt Marylou from Ohio for being my first Patreon subscriber!

I never thought I could love anything as much as I could love 1998 Jonny Lang or food. But I do.

I love thrifting – I love the thrill of chasing after a vintage D.A.R.E tee-shirt or 90’s sunflower dress as much as tracking down the best Hmong eggroll in St. Paul.

When I have some time away from working or being a mom, I combine the two. The other week I took a day off to thrift in New Hope, mostly so I could stop by Gion for my favorite banh mi. It’s the one my old coworker described as the most flavorful.

Gion’s banh mi is not the biggest, it’s not the cheapest, but it is the most flavorful.

If you see me now (outside of work) you wouldn’t how much  I love fashion. Having two kids under the age of three means my clothes get wrecked. You never know which bodily fluids will fly out of a toddler. Sticky hands, greasy fingers, markers, spilled beverages, dirt, spilled everything touch everything I wear.

I figure that I can bust out my cream colored sweaters and favorite graphic tee’s by the time my daughter starts to steal them out of my closet.

For now, I’m just something old searching for something old.

Sign-up for my Patreon here. 


  1. Mike McGuinness

    I post a few blogs on my FB Foodies page but a lot of the local Food Bloggers are now making Tiktok videos and posting them into Facebook as Tiktok does a poor job of finding local audiences.

  2. Kirk

    I still read food blogs…..of course I started mine in 2005. I do feel like a dinosaur these days. I’m really not into all the “Influencer” thing.

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