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Something Old

Does anyone read blogs anymore?

I’m not even sure.

At least a year before the pandemic, the answer was a clear, not really?

I found myself at an influencer event where nobody blogged anymore.

I was basically Tom the dinosaur MySpace guy.

The reality is that I’m just not a Tik Tok girlie. I’ve created with it, but I don’t really like want to. I like blogging, but I want to try something else.

Maybe email subscriptions the future for people like me who liked to blog, but don’t enjoy making video content.

Anyway – I started a Patreon and am going to try shifting to publishing here, via email. I would love if you would consider signing-up! It’s free.

There is a paid membership level for those who would like to support food reviews.

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But Is It Good? Shin Green Vegan Mushroom & Fried Tofu Noodles

Nongshim is one of the best known Korean brands of instant noodles. The company began in 1965 in Seoul. Their line of products include the famous Chapagetti and Shin Black, often regarded as one of the best, spicy instant noodles.

I found this Shin Green vegan Mushroom and Fried Tofu flavor at Sun Foods on University Ave in St. Paul. Stores like Shuang Hur sell instant noodles in big packs of four+, while other stores offer singles.

Sun Foods has a decent variety of single packages.

I chose this flavor because it just sounded really good!

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25 Days of I’m Trying: Vifon Hot & Sour Chicken Flavor Instant Noodles

We’re back with another Vifon soup.

I skipped a few days due to a busy work week, but I’m back.

Vifon is a Vietnamese brand. According to its website, founded in 1963 in Vietnam

I also got this Vifon Hot & Sour Chicken Flavor soup from Ha Tien in St. Paul.

It’s the same drill – add the seasoning packets into a bowl with the noodles, cover with boiling water and steam for a few minutes. This noodle packet comes with three seasoning packets.

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