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Our Holy Grail Patty Melt At Stewart’s (St. Paul, Minnesota)

The Patty Melt:
I wish I had a better photo of this patty melt but I don’t.

Jake  loves patty melts. He’s in the “Even bad patty melts are good patty melts” camp. Patty melts have never been my preferred style of burger, but, then again, I’ve only had pretty bad patty melts. This is not a bad patty melt.

Earlier this summer, we noticed Stewart’s added a patty melt to their dinner menu. Jake couldn’t stop raving about it and has ordered it each visit since. Stewart’s makes his personal favorite patty melt and the remedy to a long week.

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How To Survive A Miscarriage

  1. Cry a lot.
  2. Ask your doctor when you can have a drink.
  3. Take time off from work.
  4. Sleep.
  5. Binge watch some good shows.
  6. Buy shit on Amazon.
  7. Try not to blame things (spouse, yourself, whatever meals you ate that week, that one time you think you lifted something or felt stressed out. . . )
  8. Order your favorite take-out and delivery for as many meals as your heart desires.
  9. Eat a lot of JonnyPops.
  10. Stay hydrated.
  11. Lean on your medical providers and don’t question whether or not you are asking them too many questions.
  12. Tell or don’t tell the people of your choosing.
  13. Pet a dog or a cat.

Actually, I have no idea how to survive a miscarriage. I’m still trying to figure it out as I go.

This Is Why We Loved Vikre Distillery: Duluth, Minnesota Road Trip

It took ten minutes in Duluth to know I loved Duluth.

The beautiful thing about Duluth is that it’s only 2.5 hours from the Twin Cities. In just two and a half hours, you move from the bright lights of downtown Minneapolis to land doted with lake cabin lakes and trees which become thicker and taller until you reach the western-most tip of Lake Superior upon which sits Duluth.

People asked us, “Why would you want to go to Duluth in February?”

Duluth is beautiful. The food is good. Lake Superior is so vast it feels like an ocean. As you stare at the waves of blue-green water crashing against jagged sheets of ice piled up against the coast, you will feel so small. The cold lake breeze whips your hair around your face and make your eyes water. Lake Superior will humble you and it will feel so good to be humbled even if you didn’t know you wanted to be.

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Trying Two Indoor Experiences In NE Minneapolis: Aveda Institute Spa Treatment + Riddle Room

I may live in Minnesota but I don’t like the cold.

I used to but I’m too old and tired now. Spending one winter in St. Louis, Missouri broke us.

This past weekend I was watching the last Top Chef episode. Not only did they go camping, they went snow camping. I wasn’t sure which was worse; this challenge or that one season where they contestants had to do a relay race in the snow and chip cooking tools out of giant ice blocks.

Either I would do the George Constanza thing where I’d end on a clever high note and say “Alright! That’s it for me!” and then run away. Or I’d serve them crudo.

In this sub-zero weather, I’d rather stay indoors mall walking or sitting on my couch reading books.

I just finished Emma Cline’s The Girls and have so many feelings and am now reading Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle In Time. 

Here are two, new indoor activities I tried this month that happen to be located in Northeast Minneapolis:

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Testing Kitchen Gadgets: Microwave Egg Cookers & The Instant Pot

I used to think cooking pasta dishes in an Instant Pot was ridiculous until my family gave me one for Christmas.

I’m always a late adapter to trendy things; from creating a Twitter account to using bath bombs to getting an Instant Pot.

This all changed last month when I was trying to prep beef stew in the crock pot before work. Nine hours later, that dreaded thing happened. I walked back into my house and didn’t smell a thing. Upon opening my front door, the hopeful waft of cozy, fragrant slow cooked beef didn’t hit my face. Just the normal everyday smells of our dog and traces of my hollyberry wax melt. Noooooooooo.

“That’s it” I exclaimed. “This would never have happened if I had an Instant Pot.”

People may make mock me for microwaving scrambled eggs in the mornings, but if I can’t remember to turn on a crock pot, I’m not sure I want to juggle a hot pan. Chef Mike is all I want to deal with at 5:30 in the mornings before running to the bus stop.

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