The Gordon Ramsay Frozen Meal Review

I went into this review wanting Gordon Ramsay to succeed.

I really did.

The reason is that I actually like Gordon Ramsay.

I’ve been a fan since I saw the British version of Kitchen Nightmares. It’s much different than its American counterpart – and I’ve seen that whole thing too.

Chef Ramsay’s producers must have told him to act extra angry and dramatic on the American version – the British version gives him a lot longer to work with the restaurants and he acts more like a mentor.

(Hell’s Kitchen just isn’t my thing.)

This new line of frozen meals called By Chef Ramsay just dropped in Walmarts, along with Guy Fieri, Kardea Brown, and Andrew Zimmern. They’re supposedly eight of Ramsey’s favorite meals.I bought the four available at my nearest Walmart – each cost $5.90.

And after eating four of the meals, I refuse to spend another $24 to taste them all.

If there is a common theme running through these meals, it is salty.

We know Chef Ramsay is a salty fellow – I’m salty too. You’ll often finding me wearing a necklace that says Salty. I’m dedicated to salt and usually add more. But if something’s too salty , even for me, it too forking salty.

Lemon Caper Chicken

Obviously, a microwaved chicken cutlet isn’t going to be crispy, but the chicken was tender and had a decadent “fried” flavor. I liked the abundance of broccoli florets. And while the potato wedges weren’t crispy, they were creamy and seasoned well.

Microwaving made the sauce slightly gummy, but it had a nice acidic kick and astringency from the capers.

All in all, besides tasting a little too salty, a nicely balanced and portioned meal.

Mushroom Risotto

I saw a Youtube video where the reviewers didn’t like this dish because they said it was “mushroomy.” I thought that was ridiculous.

There is so much cheese in this meal, that it has a strange texture when you try to stir it. While flavor of the white wine, mushrooms, and parmesan is very sophisticated, I didn’t particularly like it. And again, it was extremely salty.

Slow Roasted Beef

Sorry for the banged-up photo of this box – I stuffed it into my work bag to heat for lunch.

I have beef with this beef.


I showed my coworker who works with health benefits all day. “Will I die from eating this much salt?” I asked.

“You won’t die now, but over time, yes.”

My beef with this beef (besides the sodium) is the amount of beef. I’m counting three actual chunks of beef and some debris.

The sauce tasted rich, winey, and sophisticated.

But for $6, this is just not enough beef. The three chunks of beef were very tender. But the meal had me diving for water all day.

Ahhh, the cooked lasagna, back down to the 40% sodium level threshold again.

Doesn’t look like much, but tastes the best of the four meals.

Al dente noodles, flavorful meat sauce, creamy cheese filling, chewy melty cheese. I like it! Still salty, but not as overwhelming as the other three.

Compared to a frozen Rao’s meal, it contains about two ounces more food and more sodium, but is more satisfying.

In Conclusion. . . 

These are the fanciest, saltiest, most sophisticated frozen meals I don’t want to buy again.

As positives, the ingredient lists are pretty simple and they go big on flavor.

Even though this Mashable review ranks two I haven’t tried as the best, I refuse to spend another $24 to taste the rest, unless someone wants to Venmo me the money (it’s @jennifer-flaa by the way, I got preschool and daycare to pay for!).

We’re fans of AYO Foods West African frozen meal line available at Target. If someone gave me $6 and told me I had to buy a frozen meal, I’d still buy AYO’s chicken yassa or peanut chicken meal.

This whole quest is turning out to be, “but is it better than an AYO meal?”

I’m still determined to try the other celebrity chef lines at Walmart – stay tuned for taste tests of Guy Fieri, Andrew Zimmern, and Kardea Brown’s meals next.


  1. Arthur Howard Schwartz

    Chief Ramsay should be forced to eat one of these horrible TV dinners ljve on the air as punishment. I bet he would throw up live on TV if he did! All the top Chiefs who put their names on all TV dinners are all sell outs! They should test the quality of these TV dinners on a regular bases and remove their names from these products if they produce such a bad product like this!

    • Karen

      Agree. I’d give Ramsey a 2 on his 1-5 scale for the Shepard’s pie only because it was edible. If I never had Shepard’s pie before I’d never try it again

    • Sheri

      Agree not good never buy again my left overs from oven or cooking on stove taste better after 2 months I. Freezer reheat better then that crap Ramsey selling

    • Bruce

      Oh man I was just HOPING but very sure it was going to be a disappointment. I generally eat frozen dinners as a necessity as was my first try of Gordon’s Shepherd pie. He should be ashamed to call himself a chef with this dish and more than that he should be stripped of his Scottish heritage. I have had several samples of this dish while in Scotland and absolutely love the dish, but this made a Banquet cheap dish look like a kings delight. Shame Shame Shame

    • Erin

      I had to throw the pot pie away, it tasted like someone legit dumped an entire salt shaker in it, I got seriously sick after eating a few bites.

      • Mona Grastin


    • Annette

      I agree totally!!!!! And they put a little bit of food and the French fries the end pieces. And they change us an arm and a leg!!!! Terrible, horrible,will not buy any more this was the fish meal dinner

    • Donna

      I agree, I just tried the lasagna and I’m not a chef. It was horrible!

  2. Patricia Watts

    Pot pie was not good at all I know he is a good chief but pull it off shelf PLEASE

  3. Donna Binion

    I love my Gordon Ramsey crock pot BUT his frozen meals are not very good–the fish and chips WAS AWFUL. Could not eat it–gave it to my dogs (Just hope it doesnt make them sick)

  4. Sheri

    Gordon Ramsey frozen dinner suck the beef tip one was so gross the meat was tuff and potatoes bad I will not buy any more….sorry gordon

    • April Danner

      Just tried the chicken pit pie, couldn’t finish it , entirely too salty & the supposedly puff pastry was just like a dead cracker on top !!!2 THUMBS DOWN!!!!!!, will not be trying any other dinners , Expected more for Chef Ramsay

  5. Unbelievable

    This was some nasty crap…. he should be ashamed to put his name on this garbage, I mean it was HORRIBLE!! I makes me angry!!! what’s in a name…when it comes to his not a thing!!

  6. Vicki Henderson

    I can’t believe Gordon is endorsing this product. I love Gordon and watch his shows. I experienced the same attitude he does about other foods but I couldn’t send mine back. I bought the shepherds pie, and I don’t believe even the sheeps would have eaten it. It was very greasy contained no meat or veggies and the potatoes were runny. I won’t be purchasing any more meals, but will continue to watch his shows

  7. Margaret Middleton

    Reading all these negative comments I was so disappointed! He has his reputation to consider and to douse everything in salt is not the way to win us over for his frozen meals. Will not be buying. However I made his cottage pie recipe from scratch which was delicious ! I can control the amount of salt too! Will stick to home cooking!

  8. Wilson

    Sorley disappointed with this SLOP!!! DUDE!!! U make MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS!! How about a GOOD AND DECENT MEALS that our homeless veterans need?? $6 for a POS MEAL??? REALLY???? U should b ashamed!!! How about Shepherds Pie w meat and potatoes at a REASONABLE PRICE??? Or how about DONATE THEM TO THE CAUSE??? Oh, wait… that might hurt ur profits….

  9. Me

    Pull back in the bloody salt you donkey

  10. Catherine Cisneros

    I tried the fish and chips and found them to be mediocre at best. The fish was bland . I doubt I will ever buy this product again. I expected better from chef Ramsey. I’m quite disappointed.

  11. Beautifulinsoul

    I just ate 2 portion 9f the slow cook meat, and its truly one of the best premaid dishes I ever had !!!
    Lots of gravy, tender meat. Yes the potions are little small. However delicious 😋 Thank you Gordon, and thank you to the once making this food…

  12. Tina MACCARTHY

    I am a huge Gordon Ramsey fan as well so I did what I normally do not do. I bought a few of his meals at Walmart. I agree with many of tge comments that the dear chef should be tied to a chair and force fed this culinary abomination. My beef stew rad rich sauce but the was tough had to be cut. I have no idea what happened to the potatoes. Mine were liquidy and tasteless. The Sheppard pie has potatoes that actually were edible and tasty but the pie had almost no meat in it abd was swimming in fat and juices. Fish and chips…I probably should have ordered from Long John Silver if I wanted fried fast food
    I’m not trying any more frozen food sponsored by famous chefs.

  13. Jack Off

    The sauce is okay, the potatoes are decent. The beef is garbage. I would rather eat yesterday’s trash. And you’re a jackass.

  14. Van

    As one thing you know about chef Ramsey is he hates microwaves. Yes the meals say to microwave but that does not break down the salt in proper fashion, try cooking these meals in the oven in a tin. It makes a big difference and for those of you whining about a 5.50 meal.(as nasty stouffers is the bottom of the barrel) Maybe you need to learn to actually cook. If you watch his videos he gives you many recipes but you whiney wankers probably couldn’t slice an onion . .

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