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Jeni Eats is my love song to wanderlust and food adventures.

I first began blogging at An Herbalist Eats nearly four years ago while Jake and I were living in our hometown[s], the Twin Cities. Soon after, we moved to Fargo, North Dakota where I became a Fish out of Fargo. In two short years, I fell in love exploring the North Dakota prairie.

I even completed a year of culinary school at Minnesota State Community and Technical College where I prepared my first Peking Duck and learned how to make pie crust. I shared some of my experiences in a series called Culinary Chronicles published by Simple, Good & Tasty.

Then, we became Iowans. Jake and I accepted a job transfer to Mason City where we are getting acquainted with married life with a dog on the Minnesota-Iowa border. As you can see, I had an eventful two years going on many adventures with the North Iowa Bloggers.

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In St. Louis, we spent a year farther south than we’ve ever been before, yet still at the gateway to the Midwest. We made a lot of friends and ate a lot of delicious things like Pappy’s ribs and Mai Lee salt and pepper calamari.

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Summer 2016, we moved back home to Minneapolis St. Paul where I will continue my adventures. We’ve made a full circle. 

At Jeni Eats, my goal is to spin compelling food stories. I want to entertain you and I want to make you laugh. These are the topics that tickle my fancy:

  • Home cooking experiments
  • Taste testing strange food products
  • Road trips off the beaten path
  • Local food producers
  • Adventures in retro foods
  • Dive bars
  • Food quests
  • Unique dining experiences
  • Hat tips to my favorite foods and beverage producers

I hope you will join me on this blogging journey. Whether I write about food, travel, or family, I hope it’s always authentic and never boring. My ultimate goal is to write the type of blog I want to read.

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  1. I recently discovered your blog and was surprised to see you lived in Fargo. I live in Moorhead, so that’s cool! We don’t go out to eat a lot; trying to save money and I like to cook myself. But, I’m wondering: what were some of your favorite restaurants in the F-M area? I work in the hospitality industry, and I’m always looking for cool places to send the hotel guests, as well as places to try for myself. Thanks in advance for your advice!

    • Hi Crystal! I loved living in Fargo-Moorhead. One of my dreams is to go back to North Dakota to see Fargo again and return to Theodore Roosevelt park. Wish I had spent more time there when we lived in North Dakota. It sounds like the restaurant scene has kept booming! A lot has changed over the past few years. We loved Mezzaluna’s happy hour. I worked at Josie’s Corner Cafe briefly and miss their knoephla and buttermilk pie. Not sure if La Unica still does weekend breakfast, but I liked their gorditas. We visited Mango’s often and Bangkok Corner. There are so many new places I want to try.

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