Three Months Living In A Hotel: The Ups & The Downs
Measuring For, Ordering & Installing Blinds
Taking Rubbish To The Landfill

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Sun Basket Meal Kits (2018)

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A Farewell to North Iowa (Summer 2015)Finding My Voice: Growing Up Asian and Adopted in the Midwest (Huffington Post)
Deactivating Facebook (2018)
Eight Years Later: Confessions From A Semi-Retired Influencer (2018)
First Exposure To The “Exotic”: Leeann Chinn & Fish Sticks
Foods I Ate In The 90’s & Lunchable Pizza Revisit
Grieving Amy Hild: Baking Feelings Into Pies
Iowa Firsts
How To Survive A Miscarriage (2018)
I’m Feeling 33. Sing A Song About This Taylor Swift
My Childhood Role Models
My Second Job: Things I Learned From Working In A Christian Bookstore
The Girl Who Lived 80 Years In 27: Remembering Amy Hild (2015)
Ten Things I Learned In Culinary School That I Still Use Today
Ten Things I Learned In Auction College
That One Time A Man Told Me I Was A Geisha In My Past Life
Thirty One Feels Like Getting Really Excited To Try Out A New Broom
Thoughts On Receiving Unsolicited Food Advice From Strangers
Turning 30: Pearls of Wisdom (2014)

Best Smells Ever
Baked Doughnut Confessions
6 Petty Chain Restaurant Hills I’m Willing To Stand On
Don’t Make Me Ask For The Salt At Restaurants!
Everything I’ve Always Wanted To Say About Grocery Shopping
Extending Our Great Food Dialogue
Food Snob (It’s Not My Birthday)
I Just Don’t Like Cupcakes
When Family Dentistry Gets Weird

AtmosFlare 3D Drawing Pen (Sponsored)
American Gods by Neil Gaimon
Book Review: Life Below Stairs, Alison Maloney
Book Review: The Oregon Trail: A New American Journey, Rinker Buck

Custom Make-Over At Sephora

Jim Gaffigan’s Book Food: A Love Story, 10 Favorite Quotes
Trader Joe’s Foods
Trader Joe’s: Three Frozen Food Items (2018)

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Lay’s “Do Us A Flavor” Potato Chips (2014)
Oreos: Eight Flavors (2014)
Pizza Party! North Iowa Bloggers Taste Gas Station Pies (2015)