Candy Club Subscription Box Review

This is NOT a sponsored post. I am not a part of the Candy Club Affiliate Program, nor was I approached by Candy Club to try their subscription box service. We paid for our own order. 

I’m obsessed with subscription boxes.

It’s been three years since I’ve even subscribed to a subscription box service, but I love keeping up with the latest drama; who sends fantastic boxes, who is taking people’s money and running, and who is sending erratic emails to customers.

One box that’s fascinated me for a while is Candy Club. Their variety of sour and chewy candies grabbed my attention more so than other candy box companies, plus you can choose your own candies.

One of my favorite subscription box reviewers is a Youtuber named Abby. So many subscription box reviewers say they love everything. No one can possibly love everything, especially when it’s clearly a box full of crap! Abby’s very honest. I think she finally cancelled her Candy Club subscription, but you might like her other reviews.

Candy Club’s monthly price depends on whether you order a month-to-month, six-month, or year-long subscription. I ordered the month-to-month option which costs the most ($27.99 + $6.99 shipping), but let’s you cancel any time. This is important to me. I used an offer for first-time customers that gives you twice the amount of candy for the price of one month (six containers instead of three). You can find this offer on Candy Club’s Facebook page. The post states that this particular deal expires in a few days. Candy Club seems to run this offer from time to time, plus are lots of offer codes floating around online.

Everyone who subscribes and pays for one month without a discount code can refer friends with a special link that gives both the giver and receiver a free box of candy (including shipping) only after the referrer has been a member for one complete billing cycle. If you try to use their link beforehand, you will just get a coupon. The referral offers limits each subscriber to five, free referral boxes. It’s kind of confusing. I’m not even going to list a referral link due to this.

Two things to note about cancellation: You must cancel your subscription two days before your billing date + you have to call 888-598-5995 to cancel. I do not know how easy or difficult they make this, but when I cancel, I will update the post with the details. Hopefully it’s not as ridiculous as trying to cancel HBO.

Let’s review the candies we picked this month. Jake and I each picked three.

Candy Club packs the candy in plastic containers set inside an insulated box. Subscribers typically receive little cards with info and nutrition info about the candies. I only received two cards. Did they forget or did they run out?

In addition to the candies that you choose, Candy Club sprinkles a bonus candy on top. I’ve seen everything from root beer barrels to taffy.  My bonus candy was Pearson’s Bit-O-Honey, a good old Minnesota brand! I’ll be honest, this is not my favorite candy. Bit-O-Honeys taste like almond-honey chews. These were hard – I’m not sure if this is normal for this candy.

Sweet’s Fruit Sours: Pink Grapefruit

These fruit sours are tangy but not exactly sour. They have a very fragrant, juicy grapefruit flavor that we like. Then again, we love everything that tastes and smells like grapefruit.

Gimbal’s Orange N’ Creme Soft Chews

To me, these candies taste blander and worst than the chewy fruit TUMS. Neither of us enjoyed the sticky-tacky texture. I thought they were really bland, bordering on flavorless. Jake said he liked them, but I haven’t seen him go back for more.

 Zachary Milk & Dark Chocolate Raspberry Mini Cremes

This is Jake’s final pick. These are a little too sweet for me, but Jake and his mom really liked them. The chocolate coating tasted fresh and of a high quality (not that cheap, waxy stuff). The raspberry filling reminds me of the texture of Dutch Mints.

Albanese Sour Poppers

Subscription Box Mom once mentioned sour poppers were a family favorite, so I chose them. Albanese gummies seem to have a softer texture and natural fruit flavor (or as natural as blue raspberry gets, right!). These taste pleasantly sour, but not notably sour. Thumbs-up.

Dorval Sour Power Quattro Belts

These belts have an undistinguishable fruity flavor and pack more sourness than the poppers. However, they’re not terrible sour. This is both of our favorite candy in the box. Next month, we’re ordering more sour belts.

Vidal Gummy-Filled Turtles

These turtles are just strange. Again, they have an undistinguishable fruity tutti flavor. The texture of the turtle body is soft and chewy, while the shell is filled with a red, fruity gel. I don’t hate them, but I don’t love them. They’re definitely going in the community candy pile at work.

Pros & Cons


  • Large variety of unique candies including chocolates, sour and gummy candies.
  • Seasonal candies that rotate in and out.
  • Candy is packed in reusable plastic, sealed tubs.
  • It’s a fun treat to look forward to each month and you can always share.
  • Referral program where you can earn free candy.


  • It’s expensive. The typical price of $30-$34 for three containers of candy is way more than I’d ever spend on candy each month.
  • You might not end up liking the candy that you choose.
  • Some of the candies might be listed as “sold out.”
  • The month-to-month option where you can cancel any time is more expensive.
  • You can’t cancel your subscription online, you have to call.

Thanks to my friend  Beth, you have another review to look forward to next month!

Feel free to share any thoughts about subscription boxes and candy below. 


  1. Beth Ann Chiles

    I think I ended up just ordering 3 candies– I did it on my phone and I might have messed up. ? But I can’t wait to see how I like my choices. Thanks for the referral code. It is expensive so I doubt I will keep it long but it would make a great gift!

    • Sasha

      Beth did you have a difficult time cancelling?

  2. Ashley

    I messed up my order and actually ordered twice. I called customer service and they were very sweet and quick to get my account in order. Considering I had used a different coupon on each order. It only took about 3 minutes and it was taken care of.

    • Jeni

      That’s good to know! I was impressed with how easy it was to get a hold of them by phone to cancel and ask questions

  3. John Preach

    Looks yummmm, sweet and candy lovers will definitely love this subscription box but I doubt the quantity.

  4. Shavonwilliams

    I want to try some

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