Sephora Play! February 2019 Review: Hmmmm

On a positive note, this Sephora Play! box shipped faster than January’s, which took three weeks, traveling by what I can only imagine was an 18th century courier or some guy pushing a wheelbarrow from Maryland.

This subscription box costs $10 a month and includes a variety of samples from brands that Sephora carries. Samples are known for being tiny, but oftentimes high-end.

Something irritating Sephora has done during January and February is sending emails saying “Hey, your box is coming! Here’s what you are going to receive” and then sending different things; sending far worse things, like mushroom latte packets. . .

For $10, I feel like I shouldn’t complain too, too much. This box was worse than last month’s but I’ll start with the three items I did really like:

Fresh  – Rose Face Mask
Approx. value: $9.39, Full size: $62

This mask is like a gel infused with pieces of rose petals. The rose scent isn’t overpowering and doesn’t linger on your skin after rinsing. Applying the mask feels cooling and refreshing. I’ve used it on many occasions and my skin feels very soft and moisturized the next day. The instructions advise that you can use this daily. I can’t imagine paying $62 for a full-size, but I’ll use up this sample. The mask glides easily over the skin; it will last for many more applications.

Saturday Skin – Rub-A-Dub Refining Peeling Gel
Approx value: $3.65, Full size $28

This is basically an exfoliant that you can use 1-2X per week. You apply the clear gel to your face and gently rub for a minute as the gel balls-up. It’s like you are rubbing glue onto your face.

This did not irritate my skin. Afterwards, my skin felt very soft and smooth. For some people the denatured alcohol might feel irritating. This did not bother me and felt gentler than my exfoliating scrubs. I’m on the fence about purchasing, but will continue to use this sample.

Wander Beauty – Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks:
Approx value  $4.17. Sold 6 for $25

I must confess this was my first time trying eye masks. You peel the soft masks from the pouch and gentry press them under your eyes for about 10 minutes.

I hate these are intended as single-use, especially at $4+ per mask. However I loved how hydrated and smooth my under eye areas felt that day. There has to be a more affordable alternative, right? Please?

Sephora -Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover
Mini sells fro $7.50, Full size $11

Eye make-up remover is a very unexciting item that’s practical and something I’d use if it worked. The Wander Beauty mascara I received in my Allure box is truly waterproof. This makeup remover did basically nothing, even when I saturated my lashes and rubbed.

Two things that work better is Clarins Instant Eye Make-up remover and Clinique Take The Day Off Balm of which I’ve received samples. They’re also a lot more pricey. The Trader Joe’s oil cleanser works well too.

Kat Von Saint Sinner perfume samples:

Kat Von D is not someone I like or want to support.

The vials do have nice little spritzers and I don’t hate the way they smell – I like the floral Saint version better. But I can’t imagine wearing this perfume and then having someone ask me what I’m wearing and chipperly telling them “Kat Von D!”

As far as I’m concerned, these perfume samples are already produced and the full sizes are expensive. If any of my coworkers will enjoy using them, I’m happy to pass them along.

Bite Beauty – Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Maple
Approx value: $8.67, Full size: $26

I don’t like red lipsticks. The color doesn’t look good with my skin tone. Red lipstick makes me look jaundiced. Or a clown. A joker clown with a kidney disorder? I just don’t like them. How they became this universal sexy color, I don’t know.

The email said I’d receive Rhubarb, a more nude, pinky-purple toned color. I disinfected this sample and gave it to a coworker who enjoys wearing this color. It looks stunning on her. Many speak highly of Bite Beauty’s creamy lipsticks. I like the lip liners I own. Of course, they’re nude.

Final Thoughts: Was this box worth $10? Sure. I liked three of the products, one of which is more expensive (that $65 rose mask). Although the eye masks are single use, I’ll get many more out of the peeling gel and rose mask. And the lipstick isn’t a bad product, just a bad color match for me. I have several friends with different complexions and hair colors that are also into make-up. A product I can’t use will always be a perfect color match for one of them. I feel like the fairy godmother of make-up samples each month and I love it.

Additional Feedback: I’ve provided written feedback to Sephora about the things I’ve complained about (the mushroom latte tea, Kat Von D products, and inaccurate box preview emails) and their response is a generic “Thanks for your feedback!” Shrugs.

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  1. Beth Ann Chiles

    Love their response. SMH

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