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I Spent $40 So You Didn’t Have To: Reviewing Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Frozen Appetizers

I swore I wouldn’t do this again, but here we are.

Last fall, I reviewed four of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s frozen meals and Guy Fieri’s frozen meal line available at Walmart.

Guy’s meals pushed me over the edge and I immediately halted my frozen celebrity chef meal quest because they were so bad. Fieri’s Sweet & Sour Pork is truly nightmarish stuff.

Walmart is also offering Chef Ramsay’s line of five appetizers. Each costs a head-shaking $7 per box ($6.97 to be exact), which is $.73 more than each entree. And Walmart is now charging $.34 more per entree than last October.

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25 Days of What? WAI WAI Oriental Style Instant Noodle

I’ll be honest. I have no idea what day it is.

All I know is that I definitely have definitely not posted the number of Christmas days it is out of 25.

While some people’s jobs may slow down before the holidays, mine revs up with deadlines before the new year.

I found this package of Wai Wai “Oriental Style Instant Noodle” at Fresh Thyme grocery store. It’s been living in my cupboard for a while and got a little bit crunched up.

WAI WAI is a brand from Thai Preserved Foods Factory Co., LTD established in 1978.

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Merry 25 Days of Ramen (not really)

I would review more frozen celebrity chef meals, but the last Guy Fieri series broke me.

As an avid YouTube connoisseur, I love when creators do holiday series where they post a lot. Some call it Vlogmas or Glo-mas, or some type of other clever name, where they post all 25 days of Christmas during December.

Realistically, I won’t have the time or energy to post every day, but I will try to post more.

How about a good old fashioned instant ramen review?

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