I’ll be honest. I have no idea what day it is.

All I know is that I definitely have definitely not posted the number of Christmas days it is out of 25.

While some people’s jobs may slow down before the holidays, mine revs up with deadlines before the new year.

I found this package of Wai Wai “Oriental Style Instant Noodle” at Fresh Thyme grocery store. It’s been living in my cupboard for a while and got a little bit crunched up.

WAI WAI is a brand from Thai Preserved Foods Factory Co., LTD established in 1978.

Oriental Style sounded vague, but I saw the ingredient list included chicken flavor, MSG and chili so how bad could it be?

I liked the toasty smell of the noodles upon opening the package – it comes with two seasoning packets. One smells like a garlicky oil. The other is a seasoning packet divided into two portions; a larger one and a smaller one. I figured that the smaller seasoning packet was to add additional flavor?

I covered the noodles and seasoning with boiling water and steamed for three minutes.

The noodles didn’t taste salty or spicy enough so I added the second seasoning packet. This helped.

The noodles had a typical packaged ramen texture. I didn’t taste a strong chicken flavor and the seasoning was less in-your-face salty than other brands. There is a slight, pleasant heat (for my taste, I’d give it a 5.5) and general salty, savory flavor.

I added some kimchi for extra flavor – all in all, a pleasant bowl of noodles that I finished. It didn’t change my life or instill strong emotions, but made for a pleasant lunch.

Rating: 7/10. 

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@jenieatsmn Trying Thai brand of instant noodle WAI WAI. Sorry they got a bit crunched up. Vaguely described as Oriental flavor but I see chicken flavor, MSG and chili in the ingredient list so how bad could they be? #mnfoodie #instantnoodles #ramen #review ♬ Just a Happy Day – Audiosphere