We’re back with another Vifon soup.

I skipped a few days due to a busy work week, but I’m back.

Vifon is a Vietnamese brand. According to its website, founded in 1963 in Vietnam

I also got this Vifon Hot & Sour Chicken Flavor soup from Ha Tien in St. Paul.

It’s the same drill – add the seasoning packets into a bowl with the noodles, cover with boiling water and steam for a few minutes. This noodle packet comes with three seasoning packets.

Here are the finished noodles.

The texture is of typical instant noodles – they have a pleasant texture as long as you don’t overcook them. I liked the flavor of the broth. Although it isn’t exactly “spicy,” it has enough kick to make it more interesting than the others. A slightly sour flavor, salty savory flavor, and a pronounced garlicky flavor.

It’s not blowing my mind, but I also liked it enough to eat the entire bowl. We’re only four ramens in, but it’s my favorite so far.

Rating: 7/10. B Tier

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