On the 23rd day of ramen, I tried the Lucky Me! brand Bulalo Beef and Bone Marrow flavor noodles.

Lucky Me! is a Philipino brand of instant noodles established in 1989 (according to Wikipedia).

Bulalo is a Philipino beef shank soup.

The real version of the soup looks delicious – if you look at the big beef shank cuts in the soup, you can see how it gets a beef marrow flavor. Here’s a recipe from Filipino Chow that caught my eye.

I made this mild instant noodle cup yesterday over the weekend for the kids after their naps.

The cup contains just two seasoning packets. Again, you just cover the noodles and seasonings with water and steam for a few minutes.

What caught me by surprise were all of the tiny, little beef balls made from soy protein. Their texture is chewy. Not my favorite.

The actual flavor of the broth is savory and beefy. I’m not sure I detected a bone marrow flavor specifically, but at least the broth had more depth than a typical instant noodle.

The kids seemed to like the noodles a lot.

Rating: 6.35 /10

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