I’m calling this the 25 Days of Ramen (not really) because I’m totally going to miss some days. Probably a lot of days.

Reporting live from just having put my kids to bed and boy am I tired.

I found this Simply Food Hodl noodle bowl at Ha Tien in St. Paul, MN.

The lovely artwork caught me eye.

A lady riding a spaceship with a doge. The word Stonkz. I had no idea what it meant but I had to try it.

The ingredient list seemed straightforward – I guessed it would taste like some type of spicy ramen.

Upon further research, I see from the company’s press release that this is a limited edition flavor from 2021 celebrating something that happened with Gamestop, Wall Street, and cryptocurrency.

I’m so into crypto that I didn’t recognize the cryto on the package.

While I generally understand what happened with Gamestop and Wall Street, I literally had to read the second half of the press release three times and it still sounds like word salad.

(Crypto bros please do not explain this to me).

The ramen comes with the three seasoning packets below.

The directions say to submerge the noodles and seasonings with boiling water and steam for three minutes.

The flavor of the ramen is less dramatic than the packaging.

I tasted a seaweed note, salt, a little bit of heat but not much depth. The noodles had a decent springy texture. It’s fine.

Is this ramen sitting around from 2021 because it’s so popular or is it such a limited edition flavor that they’re still making it? Again, I don’t really want to know.

Rating: 5.75/10

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