In theory, I was supposed to like this.

Generally, I like Asian black bean sauces.

I’ve never actually tried Korean black bean noodles. I feel like a really bad Korean. Chapagetti is the instant version of Jjajangmyeon.

Here is an actual recipe for Jjajangmyeon from Maangchi. Noodles, black bean paste, pork belly, zucchini, potato, sesame oil . . . it looks delicious.

Ha Tien has a selection of Wang Korea noodle bowls. I wasn’t easily able to find a company website for this brand through an English language search. They are one of the more expensive instant noodle products at Ha Tien. I believe it cost between $3-4.

The instructions say to first, briefly warm the noodles in hot water before microwaving.

I poured hot water on them for about one minute and drained, before re-filling the noodle bowl to the given line with hot water again.

My microwave runs hot so I pulled them before three minutes occurred, as they were boiling over. After you drain the noodles again, you add the sauce and seasoning packets and stir.

The sauce has a very strong fishy smell – at least, to me. I am not sure if this is typical or not for the dish.

I am a bad Korean and a wimp when it comes to fermented fish or seafoody flavors.

The thick noodles had a wonderful bouncy texture and chew.

Much of the seafoody flavor/smell dissipated upon mixing, but enough of it remained that I could not ignore it. I also liked the savoriness and heat level from the sauce (for heat, probably a 6/10).

I would try these noodles again from a restaurant, or if someone else made the real version, but this noodle bowl is just not for me.

Afterwards, I did a quick internet search on the best, instant versions of Korean black bean noodles and literally none of them mentioned this brand, so maybe it’s just bad?

My rating of the dish simply based on my own personal preferences is 3.5/10, but I would love to know if there’s a version you recommend so I can try it again!

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