Candy Club Box Review #2: Why I Chose Boring Candies

The life lesson I’m taking away from my subscription to Candy Club is that you can have too much of a good thing. And by “good thing” I mean something that you like, not necessarily that’s good for you in a nutritional way. I mean, it’s candy!

Last month I received my first candy club box. The promo code I used provided double the amount of candy for the price of one box. This meant that I got to pick out six kinds instead of three.  I subscribe to the month-to-month option meaning I pay more per month ($27.99 +$6.99 shipping), but can cancel any time. The other plans cost less but commit you for six or 12 months.

It’s a hella lot of money per box. I would never spend $35 on candy each month. It’s definitely a splurge (albeit a fun one) and since I referred two people I get my next two boxes for free.

A quick note on the referral program: Referrals for free boxes (up to five) only work if you both purchase a month without a promo code. Then, the code only works after the referer has been a member for one complete billing cycle. I’ve removed my referral link for a couple reasons: I truly don’t need any more candy and the program has enough stipulations that it creates confusion and I don’t want anyone to feel mislead.

On the plus side, Candy Club customer service is easy to reach. To cancel subscriptions, you do have to call their main number 888-598-5995. When I called twice to clarify the referral program rules, real people answered my call quickly.

Before I even subscribed to Candy Club, I watched reviews on Youtube and mocked people who chose boring candies like Reese’s Pieces and Hershey’s Kisses. “Each tub costs around $10! Why would you waste your choice on Mike and Ikes?” I wondered.

Now I understand why people pick boring candies. You aren’t going to get burned by boring candy, but you might get burned by the adorable gummy turtles with gel-filled shells that just don’t taste or smell very good.

I chose many unusual gummy candies in my first box. This was a mistake because some of them were gross. I brought the ones we didn’t like to work where they are still sitting today on the community snack table. Because no one likes them.

This month I chose these candies:

  • Gimbal’s 41 Flavor Jelly Beans
  • Albanese Milk Chocolate Cashews
  • Arway Dark Chocolate Nonpareils.

Candy Club sprinkles a bonus candy on top of the box. This month, they included orange cream taffies and a tin of sugar-free breath mints. You may or you may not receive little info cards about each candy. During the past two months, I received one or two.

The Verdict:
The jelly beans are tasty enough. They’re certainly better than Brach’s, but less compelling than Jelly Belly in terms of intensity of flavor or texture.

The milk chocolate cashews are delicious. The chocolate is creamy (and not waxy) and the nuts are salted, creating a salty-sweet flavor. Plus, the candy tastes really fresh.

The dark chocolate nonpareils also tasted fresh and the chocolate was creamy. Nonpareils are essentially chocolate discs with white sprinkles on one side. There’s nothing complicated about them and that’s the point.

When I brought the candy to my office, the nonpareils disappeared first, followed by the cashews. People raved about the cashews.

Next month, my two free referral boxes start. I’m going to be boring again because boring candies won’t burn me!

One of my new, favorite Youtube reviewers is Jazzy Cat. Her Candy Club reviews are some of the funniest and  most honest I’ve seen. She did cancel her subscription after her last box. If you really want to fall down the rabbit hole, check out her other videos of direct sales products and unboxing of direct sales starter kits. 


  1. Beth Ann Chiles

    I totally agree with your review and after getting through the first billing cycle I am definitely cancelling. So much $ I should save for healthier things!

    • Jeni

      At least you got your correct candy:)

    • Elizabeth

      I think you’re very smart to cancel @Beth Ann Chiles We placed an order at the beginning of 2017 and have yet to receive anything from them. We paid, we’ve made numerous contact finally after 4 months they responded! At that time they said they had no record of us, no record of our order, no record of the payment they received. Which they had to have received since we were billed for it.

      I hope others are not getting taken by companies like this. I think the Candy Club Box may have had good intentions at some point. Now though, I hear so many negative complaints. I don’t know what avenue many of us can take, we’ve sent copies and they say they have never received any of our correspondence. sad sigh

      • Jeni

        that’s awful! i hope you could do a chargeback. Sorry that happened to you.

  2. Lisa

    I like the idea of a candy subscription box, but wow, this one is kind of pricey! Still, I’d be interested to try for just a month or two.

    • Jeni

      That’s kind of what we did -paid for two months, one of which was a promotion, and are cancelling after the two free referral boxes.

  3. Katy Flint

    The chocolate covered cashews sound divine!

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