My current obsession is eggrolls.

I won’t turn down an eggroll, even the dollar eggrolls you can get at Quick Trip, but my favorite eggrolls are Hmong eggrolls.

The first Hmong eggroll I ever tried blew my mind. In high school we had festival where students could share aspects of their culture. One person sold Hmong eggrolls and I couldn’t get enough.

They’re the perfect morning food to enjoy with a bubble tea or cup of coffee. I wish it was more common place around here. I prefer savory breakfasts and while bagels or breakfast sandwiches are delicous, there should be more eggrolls!

Currently, my two favorites are tied: Church fundraiser eggrolls and this one lady on Facebook.

Obedience Alliance Church near the Maplewood Mall sells their eggrolls as a fundraiser. You’ll have to follow their Facebook page to find out when they will them next – it appears about one weekend a month.

I wrote about them here

They’ll set up a little stand in their parking lot where you can buy them for about $2 each.  Bring cash. Once I think they gave me an extra pity eggroll because I dragged my baby’s car seat with me in line. Love it!

My other favorite is now MaiLee who sells via Facebook from The Den  location along the Main Street in North St. Paul. We needed some last minute eggrolls for my son’s first birthday party – MaiLee is often recommended in local foodie Facebook group conversations about “best eggrolls.”

The only photo I grabbed of the eggrolls during Artie’s first birthday party. Look at that pepper sauce! We made Vietnamese noodle salads.

A tray of 25 is $50 and you can choose pork, chicken, or veggie. We air-fried them before serving and they were really delicious. Perfect balance of noodle, meat, veggie and came with the best Hmong pepper sauce we’ve ever had. Usually restaurants serve them with a sweet sauce, but we were thrilled with the spicy sauce.

We could have ordered twice as many and they would have still been gone.

The restaurant also confirmed that you can order the eggrolls on their regular menu.

If you are really desperate for eggrolls in the morning, the most reliable spot is probably Hmong Village. They open at 9 am and many stands will definitely have eggrolls.

HmongTown Marketplace also opens at 9 am – I’m guessing they also have eggrolls in the morning, it’s just that I live closer to Hmong Village so I’m more familiar. 

A common price is four eggrolls for $5 which is an excellent deal.

Bubble teas here are also excellent and you won’t find a better price than $4 each.

These big eggrolls from Lucky Express were 4 for $5.

Other’s I’ve tried

I’m love visiting local Asian markets with delis in the back. I recently wrote about NL Oriental in East St. Paul. They’re often mentioned for having some of the best papaya salad. They do have eggrolls – I found them very noodle-forward.

Nam Mu Asian Market, a little Burmese market on Payne has lots of hot and cold foods – my go-to is their cold, spicy noodle salad (I wrote about it here). It’s refreshing and extremely spicy, unlike anything I’ve tried before.

They also have little eggrolls, but they’re not my go-to.

Golden Harvest Foods is my ole’ reliable – they have a solid deli with staples like decent fried chicken, a tasty whole grilled chicken, Hmong sausage (not my fav), papaya salad, pork belly, ribs. They usually do have solid eggrolls. Don’t try to find them near the end of their day – the deli closes at 4 pm.

Golden Harvest Eggrolls

Mo’s Tropical Wholesale near West Saint Paul has a new deli. The store has lots of tropical fruits, some veggies, a few frozen cases of food and a small room with dry goods. I arrived at their deli before it opened, but they were willing to sell me whatever they had prepared and ready to go.

Their eggrolls are 3 for $5 – I got them hot from the fryer. They have a more garlic/cabbage-forward taste.

There are many more places in the East Metro that prepares eggrolls – happy to learn about your suggestions!