The other day when I was shopping at Trader Joe’s, I noticed a cooler filled with frozen Kimbaps with a sign that said “Limit 2 per customer.”

“That’s funny,” I thought.

Was it a marketing ploy or hyped-up Tik Tok product? If it was simply a marketing ploy, it almost worked. Suddenly I felt compelled to put two in my basket.

I just downloaded Tik Tok in this 2023 year of our Lord. 

I have yet to make a videos and I think I have one friend . . .or whatever they call them on Tik Tok. The only reason why I finally downloaded it was to see RushTok after seeing Bama Rush. And to laugh at the Burning Man people getting stuck in the mud.

If there is a food or make-up product going viral on Tik Tok, I’m blissfully unaware.

Turns out that this Trader Joe’s Kimbap did go viral on Tik Tok. Because of the kimbap’s popularity and people buying large numbers at a time, it sold out, and is now restocked, which is why there’s a limit. Trader Joe’s sources their vegetarian version directly from Korea.

Kimbap is like a really delicious, super sized sushi filled with beef and veggies. You can find it at early every Korean restaurant.

I bought one for $3.99 at the Shoreview location.

To instructions advise to cut off a corner of the package and microwave for two minutes -then enjoy hot or cold.

Tok Tokers recommend toasting it before eating, so I tried that.

Taste Test:

I thought the Kimbap tasted fine.

Straight out of the microwave, I didn’t like that some of the veggies were ice cold and some of the rice was warm. I toasted it in a pan which made the seaweed kind of chewy.

The tofu tasted similar to bulgogi, slightly sweet and savory. I liked the texture of the veggies.

A pleasant meal and something I would like to take to work, but definitely not hoard-worthy.