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Trader Joe’s Kimbap: Is it Worth The Hype?

The other day when I was shopping at Trader Joe’s, I noticed a cooler filled with frozen Kimbaps with a sign that said “Limit 2 per customer.”

“That’s funny,” I thought.

Was it a marketing ploy or hyped-up Tik Tok product? If it was simply a marketing ploy, it almost worked. Suddenly I felt compelled to put two in my basket.

I just downloaded Tik Tok in this 2023 year of our Lord. 

I have yet to make a videos and I think I have one friend . . .or whatever they call them on Tik Tok. The only reason why I finally downloaded it was to see RushTok after seeing Bama Rush. And to laugh at the Burning Man people getting stuck in the mud.

If there is a food or make-up product going viral on Tik Tok, I’m blissfully unaware.

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Trader Joe’s Taste Test: Three Curious Frozen Foods

I visited Trader Joe’s with the intention of buying the three, strangest frozen food items I could find for this taste test.

I lost my nerve when I encountered microwavable shrimp tacos sprinkled cotija cheese and an unsettling cheap bag of frozen paella listing “fish powder” as one of its ingredients .

See my running list of things we’ve tried at Trader Joe’s. 

In the end, I chose three items that peaked my curiosity. I’ve walked by them on many visits, wavering on whether or not I wanted to finally buy them. After work one evening, I heated them all up for dinner. Here’s my thoughts:

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We Tried A Bunch Of Things At Trader Joe’s (Updated)

Living in cities hours from the nearest Trader Joe’s has left me really excited about living near a Trader Joe’s again. In St. Louis, we have so many types of grocery stores, specialty meat markets, and bakeries. There are farmers markets, too. I try to explore a different combination each week.

What I like about Trader Joe’s the best is that it offers reasonable prices for fancy-ish ingredients. Like every Trader Joe’s I’ve visited, the employees are friendly and the parking lot is a death trap. Here’s a rundown of some of the most memorable foods we’ve tasted, categorized on a spectrum between “Favorites” and “Meh.”

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