Freezer Review: Three Frozen Wrapped Things

All dressed-up in my best sweats, nine-months pregnant, and nowhere to go but our quick, weekly grocery store run, I might as well try some stuff at home.

This week’s section taste test includes three frozen wrapped things. The fillings may vary, but the textures are very mushy.

I found these at Whole Foods. To cook, I baked them on a sheet pan. For the really authentic work lunch/breakfast experience, I’d suggest following the microwave instructions.

Here’s how they tasted:

evol. Egg & Green Chili Burrito
Cost: $3.19

The brand boasts simple ingredients – it’s true. The main ingredients inside the flour tortilla are eggs, pinto beans, roasted potato, and jalapeños.

I appreciate that this burrito’s instruction don’t fuck around. This breakfast burrito isn’t meant to to be lovingly oven-baked. It’s microwave-only. I threw it in the oven, anyway with the others.

I thought the burrito was fine, if a little bland.  I ate mine mine with sour cream and salsa. l liked the baked potato flavor, but wish the potato had more texture and the chilis, more heat.

Jake liked this burrito more than I did. It was his favorite of the three.

TaDah! Falafel Street Wrap with Spicy Brown Sugar Harissa Hummus
Cost: $3.99

This wrap had the most flavor and nuance, but the texture inside was mush. If you think of it more like a tangy hummus wrap you may like it better. I don’t remember a lot of heat or brown sugar flavor – just a slight heat.

I thought this tasted the best of the three.

Amy’s Vietnamese Banh Mi Wrap

If you are following the oven instructions, the package recommends baking inside foil. The soft wrap stuck to the foil when I tried to remove it.

I cut the wrap in half and watched as the tofu innards gushed out of the wrapper. I hesitantly took a bite. There is nothing banh-mi about this wrap. The flavors are so vaguely Vietnamese. . . so vaguely Asian, it’s almost comical.

Jake thought it was ok. I thought it was gross.

There are many Amy’s frozen products I’ve bought for years, like the cheese enchiladas, cheese-less roasted vegetable pizza (trust me, it’s good!) and Thai green curry meal. Just not this one.

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  1. Farrukh

    Delicious food.

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