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How To Survive A Miscarriage

  1. Cry a lot.
  2. Ask your doctor when you can have a drink.
  3. Take time off from work.
  4. Sleep.
  5. Binge watch some good shows.
  6. Buy shit on Amazon.
  7. Try not to blame things (spouse, yourself, whatever meals you ate that week, that one time you think you lifted something or felt stressed out. . . )
  8. Order your favorite take-out and delivery for as many meals as your heart desires.
  9. Eat a lot of JonnyPops.
  10. Stay hydrated.
  11. Lean on your medical providers and don’t question whether or not you are asking them too many questions.
  12. Tell or don’t tell the people of your choosing.
  13. Pet a dog or a cat.

Actually, I have no idea how to survive a miscarriage. I’m still trying to figure it out as I go.

SIMPLS Soups: How Are They So Good?

The first time I bought a bowl of SIMPLS soup I felt kind of irritated.

“What the fork!?” I remember thinking as I handed over my credit card for a $7 cardboard container of vegetarian wild rice soup and a tiny piece of bread ($0.25).

“This soup better change my life,” I grumbled.

Actually, it did.

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Sun Basket Meal Kit Subscription Box Review: Week One

*This is NOT a sponsored post. We paid for these boxes with our own funds.

I am a subscription box nerd, yet it has taken me years to try one of those meal delivery kits.

Plated, Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Home Chef, Green Chef, Blue Apron. . . there are so many. So, why did I choose to start with Sun Basket?

These are the three reasons:

  • The variety of meals caught my eye. I read a lot of meal kit reviews, but this service seems to serve a wider variety of dishes that aren’t boring or too simple.  I like toasted  sandwiches and tossing a few things with pasta for dinner, but don’t need to pay for a subscription box offering meals of this nature. You can also choose from a large variety of meals of many influences each week that include proteins like shrimp, steak, and fish.
  • The portion sizes are generous. What has turned me off from trying other meal kits is the skimpy portion sizes. We’re hungry after work. If I’m going to pay $12+ dollars per plate that I have to make myself, I expect it to fill me up. Sun Basket’s portions appeared noticeably larger.
  • Sun Basket offers discounted introductory rates. Coupon codes float around the internet. The one I used gave me $25 off my first box and $20 off my second bringing the cost down to around $46 and $59 per box for each box of three meals.

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Four More Good Meals I Haven’t Told You About Yet

In no particular order, here are four good meals around Minnesota that I haven’t written about yet:

Breakfast/Brunch At Sara’s Table Chester Creek Cafe, Duluth, Minnesota

For the life of me, I can not get the name of this restaurant right. “At Sarah’s Chester Creek Table.” No, that’s not it. “Sara’s Chester Creek Cafe and Table.” Dammit that’s still wrong. {sighs and Googles it every time}

Guy Fieri was here. Video clip on YouTube

Here, we had one of the most lovely breakfasts ever. Eating here feels like a warm hug.

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The Magic Of Sea Salt Eatery

I would have stood in line outside for two hours two weekends ago at Sea Salt.

The Twin Cities were in full celebration mode, for it was our first, completely sunny, 60 degree+ weekend since last fall.

We’ve been frozen for six months.

“Bold North! Bold North!” we boasted for the Super Bowl. The weather gods laughed and taunted us with our own frosty words.

One weekend, a blizzard dropping 14 inches of snow fell on our heads trapping us in our houses. And then somehow, by the next, it had all melted away.

Sea Salt is notorious for almost always being busy. Whenever the weather is bad, people will joke about how it’s a good time to visit Sea Salt because the line will be short.

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