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On Caesar Salads, Popovers & Normandy Kitchen

I eat a disgusting number of Caesar salads. They’re one of my top three favorite foods.

I still ordered Caesar salads through romaine lettuce scares, 1, 2, and even 3. A Caesar salad-related death would actually be fitting for me.

Years ago when I worked at a restaurant, we went around naming the food we would choose if we could only choose one to have unlimited supply for the rest of our life.

I exclaimed “Romaine Lettuce!” and everyone thought I was nuts.

My favorite Caesar salads are made with a creamy dressing. But not the pre-made kind from industrial tubs. I can sniff out the jarred stuff in a second. And anchovies are always available upon request.

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2019: The Favorites

“Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same,” The Fray once sang. I would also add that sometimes the best thing and my favorite thing aren’t the same.

In my last post I wrote about some 2019 bests. Here are my favorites:

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The 10 Best Things I Ate In 2019

In no particular order, I present a list of the ten best things I ate in 2019.

Now keep in mind, my list of the best things and my favorite things are not necessarily the same. More on this in the next post. But for now, enjoy!

Everything We Ate at Everest Tikka House, Fargo-Moorhead

The food here (and at their sister restaurant Himalayan Yak) is ridiculously delicious and significantly spicier than our favorite Nepalese restaurants in the cities. The momos are some of the best I’ve tried so far. Even the vegetarian momos came recommended over the meat-filled.

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French Fries & Martinis At The Lexington

Last year, we stopped at The Lexington for drinks after a family Christmas gathering.

I’ll never forget the incarnation several years ago.ย I had live-tweeted an extreme white elephant gift exchange. Each year our aunts coordinate a game with rules, regulations, props, and, sometimes, even a set. It’s fantastic.

During this particular year’s party, the prizes included white elephant prizes (supplied by hosts and guests )+ real prizes. I forgot the exact details of the game, but were no consolation “good prizes” and one of the rules allowed stealing. It became very competitive. Households divided against households. Children may have cried.

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The Vegetable Deluxe at Momo Sushi

A magical place exists in Northeast Minneapolis where they serve momos and sushi.

The name is Momo Sushi.

I met my friend here on a brutally cold evening. In Minnesota, brutally cold is sub-zero. A heat wave is 26+.

Hot green tea is complimentary here, as if offering both sushi and momos isn’t great enough.

What I really want to talk about is the vegetarian sushi platter – the Vegetable Deluxe. We both ordered it.

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