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Trying Two Vegan Restaurants: J. Selby’s & Reverie

I like to call myself a convenient vegetarian.

As in, “Jake’s brothers left two containers of Leeann Chin oyster wings in my fridge and someone’s gotta eat them.”

I eat a lot of eggs and cheese and also some seafood. I guess that makes me a lacto-ovo-pescatarian, but who wants to put labels on things.

Recently at work, I found one of my favorite vendors offering two dishes in our cafeteria. I ordered the vegetarian one.

“Are you a vegan?” she asked as she plated my meal.

“Oh no, I’m not a vegan,” I responded, perhaps a little too quickly, but only because I was hoping they brought some yogurt sauce they could splash on top.

“Do you have a problem with vegans?” she playfully asked?

“OMG NO I LOVE VEGANS,” I replied.

There is something fun about going to a restaurant where everything is vegetarian (and in these cases, vegan).

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Beauty Box Update & Three Products I Bought Full-Size

Currently, I subscribe to two beauty boxes per month; Sephora Play! ($10) and Boxycharm’s base box ($25).

I think of beauty boxes like gambling – My limit is $35 per month. I fully understand I could get some really good products and some really crappy ones. Fortunately, my coworkers, friends, and family members enjoy the items I pass along. I love sharing so it’s a win-win.

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The Little Things Will Get You: Colita

I didn’t mean to fall in love with Colita, but I did. And now, it’s my favorite restaurant.

The first time I went was on a lark.

Jake was in the mood for a quiet night, so I headed over for an early dinner.

I showed up five minutes before opening (5 pm) and was glad that I did – for customers had already formed a line outside the front door. I joined them. An employee handed out little cups of warm hot chocolate topped with whipped cream sprinkled with sea salt.

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On Caesar Salads, Popovers & Normandy Kitchen

I eat a disgusting number of Caesar salads. They’re one of my top three favorite foods.

I still ordered Caesar salads through romaine lettuce scares, 1, 2, and even 3. A Caesar salad-related death would actually be fitting for me.

Years ago when I worked at a restaurant, we went around naming the food we would choose if we could only choose one to have unlimited supply for the rest of our life.

I exclaimed “Romaine Lettuce!” and everyone thought I was nuts.

My favorite Caesar salads are made with a creamy dressing. But not the pre-made kind from industrial tubs. I can sniff out the jarred stuff in a second. And anchovies are always available upon request.

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2019: The Favorites

“Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same,” The Fray once sang. I would also add that sometimes the best thing and my favorite thing aren’t the same.

In my last post I wrote about some 2019 bests. Here are my favorites:

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