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Birds Eye Frozen Appetizer Taste Test

In the latest installment of taste-testing intriguing frozen things, I try two Birds Eye appetizers: Cheddar Broccoli Bake and Buffalo Cauliflower Wings.

Each cost around $4 at Target.

For these taste tests I don’t care if the food is healthy or trendy or beautiful. I care about the ultimate question. . . but is it good?

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Work Snacks and Corporate Cafeterias

It feels like a million years ago since I commuted to downtown Minneapolis every day for work.

In a prior job, we operated a service center so we rarely attended meetings or had team bonding events. We were so eager to catch our buses after work that we never had happy hours, either.

Our department launched an effort right before the pandemic banning anyone to work from home. For any reason. Even if you had a medical appointment in the middle of the day – you still had to come back to the office.  Many buses didn’t run mid-day and parking ramps jacked up prices after their early-bird specials. Once I paid $35 to park for the last few hours.

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And Just Like That?

And just like that, it’s 2022.

During this pocket of precious time while the baby naps, I want to take this moment to vent about And Just Like That. 

It’s terrible. It’s horrible. It’s like a  tedious writer’s exercise in fake progressive box-checking. And, yet I can’t stop watching. I even look forward to watching it each weekend. Even though I hate it.

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Stuff and Boludo

It’s been a month of things and transitions.

We survived baby’s first respiratory thing.  “First baby, first cough!” I kept saying each time I called the nurse line.

Thanksgiving. First snow. Christmas shopping.

I start a new job this week. I’ve been composing a Taylor Swift breakup album, but for your previous employer album in my head for the past two weeks.

A little nerve-wracking, but also exciting and hopeful. I’m ready!

Every Friday night we order delivery.

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That Last Warm Fall Weekend

I used to wonder why so many parents brought their babies to breweries.

Now I get it.

Everyone knew this was maybe, possibly, the last nice weekend of the year. We have a knack for that in Minnesota.

Last weekend I visited the new food hall Malcolm Yards. When we arrived upon opening, it was fairly busy but bearable enough to grab lunch with the baby and sit on the patio. The parking lot is a big, gravel lot. Kind of an obstacle course if it rained recently and you’re pushing a stroller. But still, not far from our neighborhood and easy for city parking.

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