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Really Good Momo + Sambusas – Amazing Momo & Karibu Grocery & Deli

Still waiting on baby. He’s taking his sweet time.

Here’s a quick post on some really good momo and sambusas I’ve enjoyed recently.

Amazing Momo

The smell of pan fried dumplings stopped me in my tracks.

Earlier this month I visited the downtown St. Paul farmers market on a Saturday morning while Jake took the toddler to gymnastics.

The Saturday market is a more lively scene than the Sunday market – there was live music and more prepared food vendors, which is the main draw for me. Because snacks!

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Trying Foods From The Ha Tien Deli – St. Paul MN

It’s supposedly my due date.

My greatest fear is that I’ll have no idea that I’m going into labor arrive at the hospital too late for an epidural.

I’ve been carrying around a handout my medical providers gave for weeks that describes when to go to the hospital and provides the emergency phone number.  Now it’s as soft as fabric from me opening and closing it so many times.

“Consume clear fluids! Avoid fatty foods. . . ” it advises if you feel like labor is starting.

“I think I have enough time to get a Korean corn dog,” I said to Jake as I grabbed my car keys and hobbled to my car.

At first I thought of going to Dragon Star to check out their Korean corn dogs, mochi doughnuts and bubble tea, but changed my mind to Ha Tien.

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First Visit To Manny’s Steakhouse – Minneapolis, MN

We’ve never been to Manny’s Steakhouse before.

Manny’s, located in downtown Minneapolis, is an iconic local steakhouse that opened in 1987.

Manny’s is part of the Parasole Restaurant Group. 

You’ll find Manny’s on “Best Of” lists all of the time.

We don’t dine at steakhouses very often. While I enjoy steak, I don’t order it from restaurants often. We typically marinate and grill our own steaks at home.

If a menu has seafood on the menu I typically gravitate towards that for a treat.

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Fall Costco Taste Tests: Prepared Food + Clothing Reviews

I’m a bad partially-retired food blogger.

Meal times with a toddler are wacky. If I remember to take a photo of a meal before I cook it, but probably won’t remember afterwards.

We get 10-15 minutes at the dinner table before she declares “ALL DONE” and starts throwing food.

Some of these mini Costco food reviews have before photos but probably don’t have afters. With baby coming any day now, it’s the best I can do.

We’re thoroughly enjoying our renewed Costo membership. Of course we’re not saving any money because impulse buys are $10+. But even more so than the food, I enjoy browsing the non-food items like home goods and clothing.

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My Two Most Ordered Foods + A Few Good Meals

Pregnancy cravings and aversions are strange things.

During my first, I had an aversion to chicken the entire time. Just the smell made me barf. This time, my food aversions evaporated after the first trimester.

The food that I’ve been ordering the most is Green Mill’s Desert Fire Pasta. Countless times during the past year.

Green Mill is a Midwest chain, but don’t sleep on it. It’s better than average.

They also offer in-house delivery. The original St. Paul Hamline Ave/Grand location might not list a delivery option online, but when you call to ask they often can accommodate.

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