I’ll always remember the first time I tried Remix’s popcorn.

Last winter, before we had any inkling a global pandemic was looming, we hosted a fondue party. It’s tradition for Jake’s side of the family each New Year.

We gather around bubbling pots of oil cooking fondue forks loaded with steak, shrimp, potstickers, cocktail weenies, and vegetables dipping them into a myriad of sauces. Sometimes you grab someone else’s fork. Maybe someone double-dips into one of the community sauce bowls. Shrug.

Feels like a lifetime ago.

Lately my dreams are anxiety-ridden freak shows. But the other night I woke up from a lovely dream where I was leisurely sitting around a crowded teppanyaki table eating dinner at Benihana.

These are very community dining experiences that we are only going to  dream about, for now.

Remix Popcorn & Delights

My sister-in-law had brought bags of Remix popcorn to the fondue party share. Remix had opened rather recently and I hadn’t heard of it yet.I was mesmerized by the bright green apple and oreo-speckled popcorn. I kept the sour cream and onion flavor to myself.

Lately, I’ve been eating a lot of popcorn. I’ve dedicated a large snack bowl on my work/kitchen table to different types of popcorn.

I was happy to find Remix is still open.

On the day I visited, the online ordering system didn’t work for me – I would recommend calling ahead to check if the flavors you want are in stock and order. There are so many flavors – favorites like movie theater butter and various takes on butter/cheese/caramel corn mixes. Many flavors are vegan.

Remix offers creative flavors such as dill pickle, garlic bread, churro kettle corn, birthday cake, chocolate sea salt, and extra buttery caramel covered.

And if you are into sweeter flavors, there’s a selection in light glazes that taste like sour lemon, red hot, sour apple, and blueberry. The green apple didn’t strike me as super sour – it wasn’t my favorite, but my coworkers polished it off.

Other flavors are available for pre-order in the large size only. 

Non-popcorn items that Remix sells includes fudges, old fashioned candies, cheeses, and cheese curds.

I am currently enjoying the tangy  dill pickle flavor and cookies and cream. The cookies and cream is coated in white chocolate and dotted with crumbled Oreos – I love that each bite has a delightful crisp.

We may be waiting on our next, sweaty, shoulder-to-shoulder community dining experience, but can enjoy all of these flavors of take-out popcorn for now.

They’d make nice holiday gifts, as well!

Remix Delights
2042 Marshall Ave
St. Paul, MN 55104
(651) 207-4225

Updates may be available on their Facebook page