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The Minnesota State Fair 2023: Things We Ate (And Wish We Didn’t Eat)

The Minnesota State Fair is like my Halloween.

Halloween is like my 12 days of Christmas.

Christmas is like my Christmas?

I look forward to the fair all year, but now that we have young kids, we have to make the most of a short visit.

The best time to go to the fair is early in the morning on the very first day.

This year we could take the day off – I’m usually the most excited person at work for the fair -and  the only one who takes a day off to go on opening day. I’m like a Disney Adult but with the state fair.

I was determined to try a few new foods, even with the two little ones in tow. The new food list this year looked pretty exciting. I tried to make a list. But with little kids, you never know how the visit will actually go.

Sometimes you have to go with the flow – for example, I had brought them to the Mall of America the other day. Of course they had hangry meltdowns and we ended up at the restaurant with the shortest line instead of the best food which is how I spent $27 on a meal at A&W

Today we did try a few new foods, including one that was so disgusting I almost got sick, plus most of our favorite classics:

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Memories of Fondue Parties and Really Good Popcorn in St. Paul: Remix

I’ll always remember the first time I tried Remix’s popcorn.

Last winter, before we had any inkling a global pandemic was looming, we hosted a fondue party. It’s tradition for Jake’s side of the family each New Year.

We gather around bubbling pots of oil cooking fondue forks loaded with steak, shrimp, potstickers, cocktail weenies, and vegetables dipping them into a myriad of sauces. Sometimes you grab someone else’s fork. Maybe someone double-dips into one of the community sauce bowls. Shrug.

Feels like a lifetime ago.

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Three Unique Food Delivery Services We Like In The Twin Cities

This post is not sponsored or solicited in any way- we pay for our own food and delivery. If you are unsure about delivery fees or unsure if you are within the delivery service areas, inquire directly with the businesses. 

Last week I wrote about three local restaurants offering non fast-food meals through drive-thrus.

This week it’s all about delivery.

Most foods are available for delivery due to restaurant delivery services. What’s special about these three options is that the restaurants deliver in-house. This means the full cost of the meal, delivery fee, and tip go right to the restaurant’s employees.

Here are three local restaurants that we love to support that offer home delivery services:

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Making Broders’ Pizza Kits At Home

We felt gutted when Broders’ closed. The news felt like a literal punch to the stomach. They’ve since re-opened again, offering pizza and pasta kits that you can make at home.

I’ve never been sponsored to rave about Broders. I just really love them.

A post I once wrote about the eggplant pizza. 

Years ago, (actually, more like a decade!) I worked at Broders’ Cucina for a short time after college. I left with a lot more knowledge about Italian food and lingering respect for the Broders family. They gave us so many opportunities to learn and taste new things.

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