This post is not sponsored or solicited in any way- we pay for our own food and delivery. If you are unsure about delivery fees or unsure if you are within the delivery service areas, inquire directly with the businesses. 

Last week I wrote about three local restaurants offering non fast-food meals through drive-thrus.

This week it’s all about delivery.

Most foods are available for delivery due to restaurant delivery services. What’s special about these three options is that the restaurants deliver in-house. This means the full cost of the meal, delivery fee, and tip go right to the restaurant’s employees.

Here are three local restaurants that we love to support that offer home delivery services:


I’ve talked about SIMPLS before. When I worked in the Minneapolis skyway, I would stop by from time to time for soup from their soup bar.

There were a lot of restaurants that offered skyway soup, but I thought SIMPLS’s was the best.

Since the pandemic, they have closed their Skyway retail shops and offer home delivery. You can order soup by the pint for $15 each (minimum order $30), or join their weekly soup subscription.

SIMPLS donates a bowl of soup to local healthcare workers for each pint that customers order. You can find photos of their hospital deliveries on their social media sites like Instagram.

Their soup subscription allows you to order two-four quarts of frozen soup to be delivered each week on the delivery date of your choice, with free shipping. As long as you email them 24 hours ahead of your delivery day, you can change your flavors of soups.

We subscribed to two soups per week. With tax and service fee, we pay about $30 per week. They simply leave the soups on your front step or porch, completely contact free. Their customer service responds quickly and makes it very easy to place orders, check on billing, or place your subscription on hold.

SIMPLS makes their soups from scratch with homemade stocks and organic and local ingredients, clearly labeling each soup. At this moment I am preferring the vegetarian soups. My favorites include the quinoa and sweet potato chili (with added cheese and sour cream of course!), chipotle potato chowder, and roasted cauliflower turmeric sprinkled with lentils. These are outstanding.

I haven’t loved every flavor that I’ve tried, but have heard others sing their praise – it’s a matter of personal taste. The soup flavors update with the week and season. You can also add breads, cookies, and hot sauce.

The soup is easy to defrost. Leaving the soup in your fridge overnight and heating in a pot for dinner is the easiest.

If you are crunched for time, run the container under hot water until you can plop the soup into a microwave-safe container. Defrost at 50% for a few minutes at a time, gently breaking up the soup before placing it in a pot to finish heating.

Working from home, it’s nice to have a defrosted container of soup in the fridge for easy lunch scooping.

Krishna’s Delight

Those who frequent the NE Minneapolis or Midtown Farmers Markets will recognize Krishna’s Delight.

Over the past years I’ve visited their stand for breakfast over the years. The owner always goes out of her way to welcome customers encourage them to try things. I loved enjoying their meals at home after shopping at the farmers market. The namesake dish Krishna’s Delight is one of my favorites – sautéed pieces of paneer and silky eggplant in a deep, rich tomato sauce served with brown rice. They also serve samosas, pakoras, lassis, and homemade chai with a splash of coconut milk at the markets for an affordable price.

Now, Krishna’s Delight offers home lunch delivery on Tuesdays and Fridays. Each week the menu changes. In addition to the daily menu, you can add lassis and snack mix. The home delivery fee is $3 + room for a tip. Order online by 9 a.m. the day-of . They will then receive a text/email confirmation confirming the delivery time window. We specified that they could leave the meals in our porch.

The dynamic duo (set of two meals) costs $16.25. On Friday, each included a generous portion of basmati rice, slightly spicy black eyed peas and kidney bean curry, and two pakoras, each, with mint and tamarind dipping sauce.

What I love about Krishna’s Delight is that I can actually tell the food is made with love. It has a certain “yummy” comforting quality. Plus, the flavors are always compelling, complex, and balanced.

Winter Goddess Foods – Daily Bread Service

Finally, another vendor I like at the Midtown Farmers Market is Winter Goddess Foods.  Their wild rice bread is my current favorite. I’ve been toasting a slice for breakfast with plenty of butter every morning.

The bread crumb is tender and sprinkled with Native-harvested wild rice. I like the slight sweetness from the touches of organic honey and molasses. This past weekend I bought an extra loaf to freeze for later.

After the Midtown Market closes for the fall, Twin Cities residents can order home delivery through their Your Daily Bread Service.

I’m impressed with their option to order two loaves of bread + your choice of their packaged item (including chai mix, toffee, or spiced nut mix) for $25 which includes the $5 delivery fee.

You can order different combinations of products too – their minimum order fee is $24.

I’ve enjoyed their Tranquility chai mix recently, which you can also find at Kowalski’s Markets.

Feel free to comment below if you have any further recommendations.