SIMPLS Soups: How Are They So Good?

The first time I bought a bowl of SIMPLS soup I felt kind of irritated.

“What the fork!?” I remember thinking as I handed over my credit card for a $7 cardboard container of vegetarian wild rice soup and a tiny piece of bread ($0.25).

“This soup better change my life,” I grumbled.

Actually, it did.

And so I went back. I tried a cup of some type of corn chowder. It was probably the best corn chowder I’ve ever eaten.

And so was the spicy, creamy chipotle potato soup and the and coconut cauliflower soup. I’d never tried those types of soups before but I was pretty sure they were their best versions of themselves.

SIMPLS offers six types of soup each day at its soup bar. According to their mission, they prepare all of their food with local and organic ingredients when possible. Little cups sit by the soup bar for easy sampling. Each type is clearly labeled so that customers know what is vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy free, and vegan.

I’m not one to typically gravitate towards vegetarian, vegan or dairy-free soups. Here, I would eat anything.

The soups pack so much flavor yet they’re perfectly balanced. Nothings bland or too salty or one-note. Heck, I make really good soups but theirs make me wonder how to make mine better.

In addition to offering a soup bar, SIMPLS serves coffee, tea, baked goods, kombucha on tap and also functions like a healthy convenience store. Coolers contain grab-and- go deli salads, green salads and sandwiches. There’s also a large selection of bottled and jarred beverages. Prices for these are very good compared to other skyway convenience stores.

Oftentimes you will see SIMPLS sampling a treat or beverage. On my last visit I grabbed a refreshing sample of a lavender latte made with oat milk.

There are a lot of skyway restaurants and there are a lot of soups. SIMPLS soups are worth the spurge.

SIMPLS Locations

601 Marquette Ave , Suite 210 ( My closest location)
Minneapolis, MN 55402

950 Nicollet Mall, Suite 205
Minneapolis, MN 55403

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  1. Valerie

    They are! Always full of flavor, and so warm, comforting and filling.

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