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Summer update + Two Patios I Like

A quick summer update. . .

Baby’s actually sleeping well! Work is stressful, but you can’t say they aren’t giving me learning opportunities. I haven’t gotten to watch anything good on TV but I did read Killers of the Flower Moon in a single weekend because I couldn’t put it down.

The toddler is as busy as ever. Last night she ate half my bowl of spicy Desert Fire from Green Mill. I was too impressed to be mad.

We’ve been eating out less and grilling more.

I made this Spicy Pork Bulgogi marinade and it was fantastic –  worth the work. I bought most of the ingredients from Seoul Foods in Fridley.

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First Visit To Manny’s Steakhouse – Minneapolis, MN

We’ve never been to Manny’s Steakhouse before.

Manny’s, located in downtown Minneapolis, is an iconic local steakhouse that opened in 1987.

Manny’s is part of the Parasole Restaurant Group. 

You’ll find Manny’s on “Best Of” lists all of the time.

We don’t dine at steakhouses very often. While I enjoy steak, I don’t order it from restaurants often. We typically marinate and grill our own steaks at home.

If a menu has seafood on the menu I typically gravitate towards that for a treat.

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My Favorite Farmers Market Snacks: 2022

I love taking my daughter to the farmers market on the weekends.

The markets nearest to us mostly have weekday hours (boo) so we frequent two of my old favorites  – The Mill City Farmers Market and Minneapolis Lyndale market.

Now that I’m pregnant and toting around a toddler, decent parking, spaces to wander around, and a nice indoor bathroom is a must. I am absolutely not bringing a child into a porta potty with me.

The key to good parking at any of the popular farmers markets in the Twin Cities is to get there early. Like, get there around opening-early.

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Thoughts on The Creekside Supper Club

Going out to eat with a baby or toddler is. . . interesting.

Having worked at restaurants in the past, I never wanted to be *that* parent.

You know. The one who lets their child run wild around customers. Or leaves a terrible splay of food on the ground and tips like shit. When I worked at the doughnut shop in St. Louis, one parent gleefully told me they loved to come there because we’d clean up their mess.

As new parents we’re learning as we go. After spending one lunch at Red Lobster desperately picking-up grains of rice under the chair, we remembered to bring pocket bibs. And after desperately trying to entertain her at Grand Catch with a straw and my cell phone (on silent of course) we bring toys.

And after this patio experience where she slid two plates to the ground, we keep them far, far away.

Sometimes I get to dine out with just adults.

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Making Broders’ Pizza Kits At Home

We felt gutted when Broders’ closed. The news felt like a literal punch to the stomach. They’ve since re-opened again, offering pizza and pasta kits that you can make at home.

I’ve never been sponsored to rave about Broders. I just really love them.

A post I once wrote about the eggplant pizza. 

Years ago, (actually, more like a decade!) I worked at Broders’ Cucina for a short time after college. I left with a lot more knowledge about Italian food and lingering respect for the Broders family. They gave us so many opportunities to learn and taste new things.

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