My Favorite Meal At Broders’ Cucina Italiana

 Broders’ Cucina Italiana’s Eggplant Special Pizza has been my favorite pizza for almost ten years.

I worked behind the deli counter at Broders’ during my first year after college. As employees, we were given opportunities to nearly everything from the menu and learn about the Italian food products sold in the restaurant. How are you supposed to answer customers’ questions about the menu or communicate a genuine enthusiasm foods if you haven’t tried them? Broders’ gets this.

Even though I ate a lot of food from Broders’ while I worked there, I never got tired of it. The Eggplant Special pizza was my favorite then and it is now.

Before I met Jake, I remember taking a new date to Broders’ where he proclaimed it his new favorite restaurant. We soon stopped seeing each other. And so this all served as a life lesson not to take new dates to my favorite restaurants so I wouldn’t have to run into them later when I just wanted to enjoy food at my favorite restaurants. Selfish, I know.

Eventually I took Jake to Broders’ where he also proclaimed it his new favorite restaurant. The Eggplant Special Pizza became his favorite pizza and we’ve gotten into more fights about it than everything else, except the thermostat (i.e. who ate more slices, how to distribute the leftover slices).

Here’s our typical order at Broders’

  • One large eggplant pizza with plenty of slices for leftovers. It’s topped with roasted eggplant, sweet caramelized onion, red bell peppers, mozzarella cheese, and a spiral of tangy goat cheese.
  • A couple scoops of Olivata Nera, their super punchy, garlicky black olive spread, perfect for crust dipping.
  • Caesar salad with anchovies. The Greek salad is my other favorite. It’s served with homemade lemon vinaigrette and loaded with feta, olives, cucumber, green pepper, red onion, cherry tomatoes and chickpeas.

  • Dessert: My go-to’s are typically a slice of their seasonal cheesecake flavor or a few Italian cookies. They source the cookies from an Italian bakery in New Jersey. I love the buttery, ridged sandwich cookies with sprinkles, pine nut cookies, and rainbow slice cookies.

Grapefruit cake

  • Drinks: And if you’re dining-in, treat yourself to a Peroni or glass of house wine.

So there you go; one of my favorite meals in the Twin Cities. Order it all for delivery if you’re lucky enough to live within their South Minneapolis delivery zone. You’re welcome.


  1. Katie

    I’ve never been and I clearly need to go immediately. that pizza sounds divine!

    • Jeni

      Go! So many choices there. I really love the soups and the deli counter has so many more salads.

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