Making Broders’ Pizza Kits At Home

We felt gutted when Broders’ closed. The news felt like a literal punch to the stomach. They’ve since re-opened again, offering pizza and pasta kits that you can make at home.

I’ve never been sponsored to rave about Broders. I just really love them.

A post I once wrote about the eggplant pizza. 

Years ago, (actually, more like a decade!) I worked at Broders’ Cucina for a short time after college. I left with a lot more knowledge about Italian food and lingering respect for the Broders family. They gave us so many opportunities to learn and taste new things.

Of everything that I’ve tried, my favorite is still the Eggplant Special pizza. Now it’s Jake’s favorite. Leftover slices are the most coveted items possible in our fridge.

I also love their South Jersey Hoagie, vegetarian calzone, Greek salad, black olive spread, Fultan flat bread, pesto pasta salad, all of their soups, the pasta with the creamy gorgonzola-spinach sauce . . . almost too many to name.

Now you can order pizza and pasta kits to make at home ($25), along with salads and dessert. There’s also wine and beer, plus lasagnas, pasta sauces, pantry ingredients, and other take-out specials like this weekend’s Osso Bucco dinner for two.

We had just eaten pizza, but when we saw Broders advertise a special Eggplant pizza kit ($25), we sighed and said, “What’s two more days?”

If you don’t have a pizza stone, I’d recommend following their instructions to assemble the pizza doughs on parchment paper and transfer them to an upside down baking sheet left preheating in the oven. I carefully moved them back and forth with a second baking sheet and wooden cutting board.  This method gave the pizzas a crisp crust.

We were so delighted to enjoy a taste of our favorite pizza again.

The regularly offered pizza kits come with pepperoni, sausage and black olives for toppings. I like a thinner crust – I stretched each dough ball (you get two) to the size of my rectangular cookie sheets and found the amount of toppings sufficient.

Pasta kits include one pound of their freshly made pasta and your choice of sauce with plenty of grated grana padano. The alfredo is my favorite.

Two pantry items that I really like are their house olive oil and balsamic vinegar imported from Italy. The balsamic vinegar is especially my favorite. It tastes aged, sweet, and more expensive than it is. A 250 ml bottle costs $13.50.

Ordering is easy – order and pay online. Choose a pick-up date/time. When you arrive at the Pasta Bar, pull into a numbered space and call the number on the sign to let them know you arrived.

Broders’ Cucina
Pick-up at Broders’ Pasta Bar parking lot
5000 Penn Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55419
Online order site

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  1. Kirk

    Awesome that you are supporting these local, family-owned businesses! Hope all is well and the both of you are in good health.

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