This post is dedicated to Lunds & Byerlys’s marble cake.

I eat a lot of cake. Of all the grocery store cake I’ve eaten,  Lunds & Byerlys consistently makes the best.

Compared to dedicated bakeries that sell cake, it’s still up there.

I’ve had every flavor of Lunds & Byerlys cake.

There are also cake slices in the refrigerated dessert section. I’ve eaten most of those, too. The marble cake is still the best. Yes, the humble slice of marble cake.

Each slice ($4.99) feels like a substantial brick of cake. I like to chip away at it with a spoon.

The actual cake is moist. And the frosting is glorious. I don’t even like frosting. It doesn’t taste greasy or cheap or icky like so many.

What pushes this cake over the edge is the hint of almond flavor that lends a “hmmm. . . what is that?” note and plays so nicely with the chocolate and vanilla. I would recommend adding a slice (or two) to your order.

Not only is it good, but it’s still here and tastes familiar. Which may be what we need right now.