It Doesn’t Matter If They’re The World’s Best Donuts

It doesn’t matter if they’re actually the world’s best doughnuts. They may be and they may not be. But they’re the world’s best doughnuts right now.

We ordered four doughnuts – a glazed cake, glazed raised with sprinkles, banana cream, and cherry-filled. I hesitantly unfolded the 20 dollar bill in my purse hoping it was enough.

“That’s be $5.25” the woman said.

I refer to World’s Best Donuts as “grandma doughnuts.”

They’re not bougie or hipster. Nor are they infused with flavors like lavender or bourbon or stuck with pipettes filled with stuff. They also don’t taste like the ubiquitous grocery store and gas station doughnuts made from bulk doughnut mix.

If my grandma was good at making doughnuts, I’d imagine they would taste something like this. Just really good, homemade doughnuts.

Enough oil remains to remind us that they’re real and the exteriors have a delightful, gentle crisp.

Enjoy them with some coffee at the doughnut shop or walk down the street to a Java Moose, the local coffee shop in town. 

Like many things in town, Java Moose is Scandinavian themed. Jake enjoyed the Nordic Miel (flavored with local honey, cinnamon and nutmeg) so much that he’s now recreating it at home. The staff were happy to add a shot of local maple syrup to my cold brew.

After popping in and out of the local shops like Drury Lane Books and the Ben Franklin, we ate lunch at the Gun Flint Tavern

Jake tried one of their house brews. I stuck with wine.

If you’re into wings, Gun Flint’s dry rub version are very well cooked. The skins was super crispy and rendered. They don’t offer blue cheese, but instead provided a mix of buffalo and buttermilk romano sauces on the side.

Far from the thick, pasty stuff and clearly homemade, Gunflint’s wild rice and mushroom soup is one of the best. Made with a creamy, flavorful broth, it reminded me of the wild rice soup that blew my mind at SIMPLS in the Minneapolis skyway.

This was all followed by a good nap and adventure 15 miles north on Highway 61. My first plan was to hike to Devil’s Kettle Falls in Judge Magney State Park. That is until I read Day Tripper’s blog post describing the hike as one of the most challenging she has ever done.

I laugh thinking about us embarking on that hike with no water in our cloth-topped fashion tennis shoes.

We tried to take the shortest hike on the map – it was supposedly less than one mile. However, we couldn’t figure out if we were on the right trail and feared bears. We hiked long enough to say that we hiked before turning around to explore the beach across the highway.

We ended up at what I think is Five Mile beach. It’s mentioned in this post about agate hunting beaches. There’s a little spot for a few cars to park.

People knelt down and squat along the rocky beach rummaging for agates.

It’s easier to hunt for agates when you know what an agate is.

Our phone reception was non-existent so we couldn’t look up anything online. We mimicked the agate hunters, mostly enjoying the thrill of finding and picking really cool rocks before the waves splashed our shoes.

I imagine there may be some secrecy to the hunt. We didn’t dare anyone for help, nor did they offer. We just pretended and took home a handful of interesting stones that I’m seeing now are definitely not agates.

Still, I’ll put them in my decorative little bowl at work and remember that time we tried to hunt for agates and ate the world’s best donuts.


  1. katie

    i love a good mushroom soup. It sounds like you had a good vacation!!

  2. Katy F

    The donuts look delicious and I love any locally owned coffee shop! It looks like you guys had a great trip!

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