Within 24 hours I had consumed one of the best and worst veggie burgers of my life. It felt disorienting.

The low, a veggie burger from a speciality butcher shop, was fortunately followed by the high, ironically, also from a meat-centric place.

The Impossible Burger has taken over menus everywhere. To be honest I haven’t even  tried one. Ever since I read that it “bleeds” I’ve avoided it. It’s also pricey and I’d rather just enjoy a house-made veggie burger than a meat substitute.

While I can’t say I’m a vegetarian, I’ve become more of a flexitarian. I typically eat more meatless meals than carnivorous. But, if someone offers me food, I’ll gratefully accept it either way. This means I’m seeking more veggie burgers than before.

The good veggie burgers are really, really and the bad ones are horrifically dismal. You never know what you’re gonna get when you order one.

At work, my team ordered lunch from Brasa to honor a coworker leaving our team. It’s one of his favorite restaurants. Brasa’s known for its meats like rotisserie chicken and pulled pork.

When I narrowed down the menu search for vegetarian options, only a few remained. I chose the black bean burger, hoping for the best. 

Upon arrival, I unwrapped the foil and found a toasted ciabatta-like bun, fat slice of juicy tomato, fresh lettuce, delightfully chewy mozzarella cheese, smear of guacamole, and a crispy black bean fritter.

Add some green sauce to the house-made corn chips that come with it and you’ve got a really satisfying meal for about $10. I even saved part for later.

I’ve dined at Brasa at least five times prior, and, while I liked my meals, I never loved them.

I loved this veggie burger. 

Feel free to share your thoughts on the Impossible Burger and suggestions for your favorite veggie burgers around town.