I Handwrote A Dining Bucket List: World Street Kitchen

This weekend I sat down and handwrote a list of all of the places in the Twin Cities I wanted to try.

I’m not so much in the mood to chase the hottest new restaurant openings (although I guess I did just make a reservation for Hyacinth). What I’m really in the mood for is chasing the places that have bene around for a while that we haven’t tried yet.

When you live in one place for a while you can take things for granted. For example, in St. Louis, we made it a point to see all of the major attractions in the area. We talked about how we should  do the same in our own home state and visit the History Museum, Wabasha Street Caves, and James J. Hill house.

Last summer we had a great time wandering around downtown Minneapolis eating and drinking things we’d heard about but hadn’t tried such as the Parlour burger and The Monte Carlo wings.

Last weekend I checked World Street Kitchen off of my list. I’ve seen so many people mention their Yum Yum Bowls as a favorite Twin Cities dish.

World Street Kitchen is located near a very busy intersection in uptown, but there’s a parking lot with some spots specifically for people ordering take-out. Milkjam Creamery is located next door.

I ordered the Yum Yum Bowl with crispy marinated tofu, charred squash, shiitake mushrooms and Chinese broccoli ($10). Each rice bowl comes with a runny egg, peanuts, crunchy bits they call “Crunchies,” and sauces. One sauce tasted creamy and the other tasted spicy.

After ordering the bowl, a side of pickles ($3), and peanut butter curry pretzel cookie ($2) , my order was ready in five minutes. The rice bowl comes in a generous portion. Jake and I easily split it for lunch. My first bite contained a plump, really flavorful mushroom. It tasted so good that I immediately ran upstairs with another mushroom on my fork and hollered at Jake, “YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS MUSHROOM!”

I liked the pickles, really liked the big peanut butter and curry cookie, and loved the bowl. Everything about it was spot-on from the quality and quantity of the ingredients, balance of the sauces, and perfectly cooked rice.

Long story short, I can see why people often mention the Yum Yum bowls as one of their favorite meals in the Twin Cities. There are many other foods to order here, including Yum Yum bowls with meat options. If I lived close to World Street Kitchen I’d visit a lot.

World Street Kitchen
2743 Lyndale Ave S #5
Minneapolis, MN 55408
(612) 424-8855

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  1. katie

    Noted. I’ve never been to milk jam or world street kitchen. I have a “in my head” bucket list, but don’t make a habit of tracking down those spots. I need to be more intentional about it!

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