All Of The Frozen Pizzas We Try From Lunds & Byerlys BOGO Sales

Lunds & Byerlys is a special place where you may walk in for only lemons and peanut butter and walk out with four frozen BOGO pizzas.

Lunds (those of us who lived here for a while may still call it Byerlys) is one of our more upscale grocery chains. I don’t shop here to save money. I come here when I want high quality deli foods or to get in and out efficiently. The customer service is good and it’s near my house. I fill in my weekly groceries here each week.

Lunds also happens to offer a good variety of frozen pizzas including local brands from around the Midwest. Seemily with more frequency Lunds offers a BOGO frozen pizza sale. Every single frozen pizza is buy-one-get-one-free. This means that you can get some of the more expensive frozen pizzas for about $4-6 each. You may even luck out and nab a Mucci’s pizza.

We buy so many frozen pizzas here that I’m starting a blog post to track them all here. Pizza brands are listed in alphabetical order:

Amy’s Roasted Vegetable Pizza – No Cheese

I haven’t typically seen this pizza offered in the BOGO sales so I was happy to grab an old favorite. Back in high school a friend once told me this was her favorite frozen pizza. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

She’s right, it’s a good pizza. We’ve been enjoying it for years. These are usually expensive at approx. $9 for a small pie so we don’t buy them often. The Trader Joe’s version is more affordable, but not quite as good as Amy’s. What makes this pizza taste satisfying is the caramelized onion sauce base. It may or may not also taste good dipped into ranch but I didn’t tell you that. Actually I did.

CAULIPOWER – Three Cheese

No, I’m not screaming CAULIPOWER, this is actually the name. The copy on the company website is a little cringy (i.e. “Why cauliflower? The short answer is OMG, cauliflower is awesome!”). Besides using cauliflower, the company claims their pizzas contain half the sugar of other cauliflower pizzas.

Lately, Byerly’s has been offering this brand of cauliflower crust pizzas for about $6 instead of $9. Each pizza isn’t large but bigger than an Amy’s pizza. The edges of the crust crisp but the bottom seemed to get soft quickly. Still, we enjoyed the sauce and chewy, milk-fatty cheese. There aren’t a lot of Italian seasonings or herbs sprinkled on top or in the sauce. The pizza is also saltier which I liked, but realize others may not.

Jake felt the crust had a more cauliflower-forward taste than the Milton brand pizzas we like from Costco. I felt CAULIPOWER’s crust has blander crust flavor and texture while Milton’s has a chewier texture and parmesany flavor.

Outsiders Pizza Company – Detroit Style Pizza – Three Cheese

We’re not very familiar with Detroit Style Pizza. In St. Louis our neighbor across the hall was really into Jet’s.  From what we could gather, Detroit Style Pizza is a big pan pizza cut into rectangles. This Outsider’s pie was indeed a big, thick rectangle pizza. Whether or not it’s authentic, I can’t say. One of my blogger friends showed me a picture of real Detroit-style pizza and it didn’t look very similar except for the rectangle part.

On a scale of bad-OK-Good-Great, this pizza tasted good. The crust was fluffy and almost flaky, almost tasting light. But when I read the nutrition label, the fat content per serving was so high it made me wonder if the crust is richer than it tastes. The sauce application was minimal and cheese layer was thinner than expected. We enjoyed the pizza but wouldn’t rush to purchase it again.

Pep’s Pizza Drafthaus – The 5 Cheese Growler

The man who started Pep’s pizza also co-founded Tombstone Pizza in Medford, Wi. This brand vaguely claims to handcrafted and inspired by “award-winning microbrews and restaurants around the country.”

This style of pizza is hefty in both crust and toppings layer. It took a while to bake – I ended up broiling it for a few seconds to crisp the center of the pizza. The cheeses include mozzarella, fontina, asiago, romano and parmesan. At first, the stronger smell of this pizza baking concerned me, for I wasn’t in the mood for a fancy cheese pizza. However, I ended up enjoying it more than I expected. All of the cheeses formed a thick, chewy layer with a nice flavor. The only thing is that the bottom of the crust didn’t stay super crisp because the toppings layer is so heavy.

Real ‘Za (Bernatello’s Foods) – Cheese Pizza

This pizza is ok. The package boasts of minimally processed, all natural ingredients and an artisan crust. If a frozen pizza advertises an artisanal crust, it’s probably bad. The cheese, sauce and seasonings all tasted fine, but the crust threw me. Upon trying to place the pizza in the oven, I knew it was, as Minnesotan’s like to call it, “different.” The crust is like if cornmeal was arranged in a circle and barely held together with something. Overall, the pizza tasted fine, but I didn’t love the crust.

Red Baron – Four Cheese Pizza

Red Baron falls under Schwan’s Consumer Brands. I thought the “Our Story” would give me some history about this company, but no. It’s a marketing ditty from the “Baroness” who sounds like a relatable wine mom. On the day I bought this pizza I wanted a plain cheese pizza with no frills or fancy flavors. This was the only one that I could find. The crust is thicker and has a tendency to curl up in the oven. The sauce is forgettably mild and the cheese has some chew but is not lusciously milk fatty. For $7, it was fine and hit the spot.

Urban Pie Pizza Co – Brady Street Eight Cheeses With Creamy Garlic Alfredo Sauce

The alfredo sauce and cheese on this pizza tasted above average. What struck me as unusual was the crust. I liked the texture which was thin and very crisp. Adding to the richness of the alfredo sauce and cheese is a crust that has an almost flaky texture like the Home Run Inn pizzas, but it tastes of cheese. I couldn’t decide if it reminded me more of parmesan crisp or Cheez-It/pizza crust hybrid.

Not a bad thing, but all together rich enough that a couple of pieces were all I wanted.

More pizzas to come. In the meantime, check out this this brilliant post my cousin once wrote detailing his 13 step method to baking the perfect frozen pizza. 


  1. Val - Corn, Beans, Pigs & Kids

    Love it. The next time you go to a Kwik Star/Kwik Trip try one of their pizzas. I love their sausage! And after reading your cousin’s recipe for a great frozen pizza how many years ago, I make my pizzas like that always 🙂

    • Jeni

      Thanks Val – I will have to try it. I don’t know if I’ve seen many Kwik Trips near us. I’ll keep my eye out.

  2. Amy Rea

    Personally, I’m a fan of the Screamin’ Italian pizzas, especially their pepperoni. Baked in the oven, the crust is actually crisp.

    • Jeni

      You know, I remember liking these ones too. Funny story – in St. Louis I was desperate to find a frozen pizza that did not have Provel that was a step above Jack’s, etc. This was literally one of the only options and we were so happy it was a good one too

  3. Katie

    Home run inn is one of my favorites for pepperoni/sausage pizza. The Lund’s brand pizzas are pretty good too. But I definitely need to buy an Amy’s soon!

  4. Will@Road Tips

    Have you guys tried Heggie’s Frozen Pizza? They’re located about 90 minutes north of the Twin Cities and I’ve been told they have very good frozen pizzas. They’ve been getting their pizzas down to Iowa and a friend of mine says that they’re the best he’s ever had.

    • Jeni

      I like Heggies! I haven’t had one for quite a while. I remember the cheese being very good and chewy.

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