During the three decades I’ve lived in the Twin Cities, I’ve never seen A Christmas Carol at the Guthrie.

I’ve always heard about it, though, for it’s the 44th season.

This year my folks took us. It’s no surprise that the acting, sets, and sound were stunning.

What struck me the most was the diversity of the cast. Growing-up, I rarely saw people that looked like me cast in television shows or movies, unless they were a “bit” or the show was themed.

For example, Tiny Tim’s family included people of many races (and Tiny Tim was played by a girl). This wasn’t discussed or alluded to, the family just simply was.

It makes me excited that people get to see more and more actors who look like them in stories, new and old.

Prior to the show, we stopped at Kado no Mise.

The first time I visited Kado no Mise was for brunch (not currently being offered). We must have caught them on an off-day – our meals were incredibly delayed. Afterwards, the chef introduced himself and offered leftover yuzu and matcha croissants. He was so kind and the food was so delicious I wanted to return immediately.

You will probably want to make a reservation if you plan to dine here before a show on a Friday evening. However, there is a little whiskey bar upstairs that serves drinks and a smaller food menu.

The bar is lit by candlelight and glowing orbs.

Sipping matcha out of a big cup (the kind you embrace with two hands) and eating veggie sushi by candlelight is as tranquil of a dining experience I’ve found. If you order matcha, your server will prepare it tableside, whisking together the warm water and matcha powder until foamy.

The veggie sushi rolls aren’t inexpensive by any means (around $9 each) but they are made with a lot of care. We tried the pickled radish and soy-simmered shitake mushroom rolls.

Discounted snacks and drinks are offered during happy hour M-F. 

The shallow bowl of soy sauce looked ordinary. I looked around for the plop of wasabi paste and found none. Using one of the little brushes, I gently painted some soy sauce onto a piece of sushi. The punch of wasabi came as a delight. I knew this couldn’t be ordinary wasabi paste.

Upon looking at Kado no Mise’s social media posts and menu, I’m seeing they mention freshly-grated wasabi root – the real stuff. I don’t believe I’ve found it anywhere else.

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