I think we skipped spring in the Twin Cities.

Winter transitioned right into summer when that April blizzard transitioned into 90 degree weather. I realized that I had forgotten about visiting farmers markets. This winter and nonexistent spring, I’ve gotten into the habit of visiting bakeries and getting my groceries first thing Saturday morning.

Visiting the Midtown Farmers Market was an instant mood booster. As people shopped, live music played and children played ping pong with police officers and a giant carrot mascot. This is my go-to farmers market; it’s close to home, smaller, yet provides my staples (veggies, eggs, bread, fruit, meat, pickles), and has several vendors serving hot meals and beverages like coffee drinks and kombucha.

Here are a few foods I grabbed:

Breakfast at Akshay Patram
For only $10, we enjoyed a heaping portion of flavorful and slightly spicy pea curry and rice plus the snack plate pictured above. She kindly packed up the entrée to-go.

The snack plate included a vegetable pakora, two pieces of fried cauliflower, a samosa and two dipping sauces. Everything tastes flavorful and like it’s made with care. Her food tastes and feels so nourishing.

Last summer I remember how much I liked an eggplant-paneer curry and mango lassi. This is the kind of meal I want to start my day with.

Asa’s Red Wheat Bakery

Good, crusty sourdough bread is one of my favorite simple pleasures. Sourdough bread is magic. I’m enjoying this loaf. Next time I might grab some bagels and bialys.

Lately, I’ve been visiting Rise for my bagel and cream cheese fixes. 


I baked rhubarb bars from my farmers market rhubarb. This recipe from Chocolate With Grace is easy to prepare and delicious. The rhubarb mixture forms a custardy layer on top of the crisp shortbread crust .

Here’s my recipe for rhubarb syrup for making spritzers and cocktails.

Midtown Farmers Market
2225 E Lake St
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Feel free to leave any comments below. If you live in the Twin Cities, would love to know what your favorite farmers market is.