Our Holy Grail Patty Melt At Stewart’s (St. Paul, Minnesota)

The Patty Melt:
I wish I had a better photo of this patty melt but I don’t.

Jake  loves patty melts. He’s in the “Even bad patty melts are good patty melts” camp. Patty melts have never been my preferred style of burger, but, then again, I’ve only had pretty bad patty melts. This is not a bad patty melt.

Earlier this summer, we noticed Stewart’s added a patty melt to their dinner menu. Jake couldn’t stop raving about it and has ordered it each visit since. Stewart’s makes his personal favorite patty melt and the remedy to a long week.

It doesn’t come with ketchup. Even if you’re like us and would typically ask for ketchup, you’ll probably forget.

The first bite of this burger will make you forget you ever needed it.

The rye bread is toasted and sturdy. The burger patty is medium rare and juicy. It’s rich with cheese, sweet caramelized onions, and what tastes like lots of melted butter. It’s ridiculously good.

Banana Pudding:

Appetizers are usually my dessert. I’m so glad I veered from my normal dining routine and ordered dessert instead of an entrée (I had filled up on happy hour appetizers).

I like any variation of the Banana-Nilla Wafer-Vanilla pudding dessert. This version combines layers a flavorful banana pudding with what tastes like homemade whipped cream and crunchy strudel. A crisp, buttery cookie and warm, brûléed banana slices sit on top.

Other Food Notes:

  • Stewart’s currently offers happy hour between 3-5 p.m. Something to note is that the full dinner menu is not available. There are discounted beverages, appetizers, and even a happy hour burger, however, you will need to wait until five to order the other dinner menu items like the Patty Melt.
  • The happy hour portions are generous.
  • Order the Buffalo Brussel Sprouts (pictured above). The full portioned is discounted at happy hour. At full price it’s worth ordering. If you like buffalo wings you’ll love this preparation of crispy sprouts tossed with fresh radish slices, creamy blue cheese dressing and tangy buffalo sauce.
  • It’s all good. We never visit without ordering the crispy Korean fries. They’re homemade and crispy, sprinkled with red pepper flakes and served with a miso aoli and gochujang sauce. The entrées haven’t disappointed either. Usually I rotate between a burger or fried fish dinner. Other times, we’ve ordered a salad or entrée like beef curry or daily seafood dish.
  • Cocktails are creative and strong. Here, the classics are still my favorite. I’m super picky. I’m still waiting to see if the alcoholic slushies return. I loved them last summer.
  • The restaurant can often be busy – call ahead to make a reservation. Jake and I like to take our chances at the bar which is first come, first serve.

128 Cleveland Ave N
Saint Paul, MN 55104
(651) 645-4128


  1. katie

    I went once on a date but really need to make it to Stewarts again! I love a patty melt, and I didn’t order the fries or the Brussels sprouts last time.

  2. Feisty Eats

    I love a good happy hour that is longer than an hour!

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