A Little Post About Taste Bar

This is a tiny post about a tiny bar where the classic cocktails are listed chronologically. My friend @ArsonistKitten told me so, but I found the idea so fantastical that I almost didn’t believe her.

They are. From the Mint Julep c. 1790 to the Cosmopolitan c. 1985. After going through a stretch where I felt jaded by expensive, unbalanced signature cocktails, I typically stick to Manhattans or whiskey. They never let me down.

I asked the bartender if he could recommend a drink based upon my affinity for Manhattans. He suggested the de la Louisiane made with bourbon, Benedictine, punt e mas, Peychaud’s bitters & absinthe. It was perfect and he was right.

You can order other cocktails, too, though. 

So, Taste Bar isn’t teeny tiny, but it’s compact inside. If you visit on a nice day, they set out a lovely sidewalk patio.

Taste is apart of Chef Gerard Craft’s restaurant family that also includes Brasserie next door. We knew this popular bar does not accept reservations for small parties, so we arrived early and had no problem finding a seat.

We also arrived hungry. The small plates are quite small. One would make a nice snack or light appetizer. You might not want to share.

The little ravioli crafted with carefully fused-together slices of paper-thin beet surprised us. They sandwiched a light ricotta filling. All of the flavors and textures from the sweet honey to the earthy beets, and crunchy pistachios played well together. We enjoyed this dish taking slow, thoughtful bites. Jake tried to convince me that I could replicate a similar dish at home. I laughed.

Taste Bar Beets

The little gnudi arrived in a tiny cast iron dish, tucked in with meaty Ozark oyster mushrooms, arugula, and sweet currants. I swirled each dumpling around the brown butter. When we finished the dish, I also wiped the skillet clean with my fingers. This dish was too delicious to eat politely.

We concurred this might be one of the best things we’d eaten recently.


And the juicy pork burger with the thin frites & garlicky aoli were, too.


The bartenders aren’t wrong here and the food’s really good.

I think that’s about all I really wanted to say about Taste.


  1. Beth Ann Chiles

    Your post left me wanting a taste of everything. Delightful descriptions as always. Thank you.

  2. Katy F.

    That pork burger sounds amazing!

  3. Katie

    I’m craving a good burger, so that called my name, but the ravioli…..wow.

  4. josh

    Those ravioli sound amazing.

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