I Chose Stillwater, Minnesota

As a paying ticket holder at the Travel Bloggers Exchange (TBEX) conference, I was provided with the option of signing up for pre-conference trips. I chose to spend part of a day in Stillwater, MN.  Pre-bex tours such as this are included in the admission fee. 

This weekend, I got to celebrate Minnesota with hundreds of other travel enthusiasts at TBEX, a travel bloggers conference. Like many other Midwesterners, I was thrilled when the official announcement dropped: Minnesota would host the conference.

I looked forward to TBEX for six months. The event signified so much to me. A celebration, learning experience, and networking opportunity. A homecoming.

Stillwater has always been like that peaceful place I could escape to. This city by the St. Croix river was where I ran away after a bad break-up or retreated for self-care after a difficult week at work. I’ll always remember lingering after breakfast for hours at The Elephant Walk with strangers as a struggling 20-year old. The Inn Keeper Rita shared her black, fluffy cat and wisdom that encouraged me for years.

I returned to Stillwater several times. Sometimes by myself and later with Jake. It’s been many years, though.


On Sunday morning, the TBEX bus gently whisked us away from the Radisson Blu to the banks of the St. Croix. The owner of Stillwater Trolley guided us up and down the hills of Stillwater. Some of the streets climbed steeply up the bluffs. “Don’t worry, folks! The driver has only driven buses for 40-years,” he joked. I was sure glad to hear this.

Trolly view

Our guide elaborated on some of the city’s history as a lumber town. It was difficult to picture the river jammed with timber.

If you drive around Stillwater, you’ll notice grand old homes. Many have been renovated or preserved. We learned that wealthy people built their homes away from the bluffs overlooking the river because it wasn’t as scenic back then with all of the industry. Our guide pointed out his favorite houses including Jessica Lange’s previous home. Many of the stately mansions now function as bed and breakfasts.


Post trolley ride, the Stillwater Convention & Visitor’s Bureau treated us to lunch at Charlie’s located in the historic Water Street Inn.


We enjoyed the short walk along the river, passing by the old lift bridge.

The Water Street Inn is located in what used to be the Lumber Exchange Building. After the lumber decline in the early 1900’s, the building served many other functions until it was renovated as this 41-room inn beginning in 1994.

waterstreet Collage

We spread out along tables set outside on the deck facing the river. Sunday brunch was in full swing and many bloggers took advantage of the buffet. For $19.95, it seemed like a good deal, as it included your typical breakfast foods plus make-your-own omelets, champagne, and a Bloody Mary bar. I opted for lunch.

A cup of beef stew with toasted soda bread and a small order of coconut shrimp hit the spot. The soup was surprisingly good. It tasted perfectly seasoned, and dotted with silky nuggets of beef. Definitely not a throw away soup. I’d crave this. In fact, I’d order a bowl next time.

IMG_1575 (1)

Finally, we ended our tour at a hidden gem; the trellis and vine-covered rooftop deck at Northern Vineyards.


Northern Vineyards is one of Minnesota’s oldest wineries and is owned by the Minnesota Winegrowers Cooperative. Guests can sample 10 wines for only $6, or purchase a glass of wine and enjoy it on the deck. The winery does not sell food, but invites guests to bring their own. Since the winery is located next to the River Market Community Co-Op, one could easily find a snack or meal (not to mention the many restaurants along the main street).


Even though I’ve visited Stillwater in the past, I left the tour having learned and experienced new things. For example, I did not know much about Stillwater’s role during the lumber boom and loved learning more about the beautiful houses and churches sprinkled above the river on the bluffs. I’d always driven or walked by them, gawking with curiosity. It’s impossible not to.

Hopefully years don’t pass by again before I return. But even if they do, I know I’ll still feel at home here.

Have you ever been to Stillwater?

Thanks to the conference planners at TBEX, the Stillwater Convention & Visitor’s Bureau and Explore Minnesota for making this trip possible! 


  1. Megan Bannister

    Wonderful recap of a beautiful day in Stillwater! I’m jealous you’ve gotten to spend so much time in such a magical part of Minnesota over the years.

    It was lovely to meet you during TBEX. Hopefully our traveling paths cross again sometime soon!

    • Jeni

      Thanks Megan! It was such a pleasure hanging out with you this weekend. Am looking forward to following your travel adventures. Did you make it to Austin, MN?

      • Megan Bannister

        You as well! And yes, I did! The new SPAM Museum was amazing, and I took a can home with me to try my first taste ever. Stay tuned for a blog post about all of it soon!

  2. Warren Coe

    Jeni, loved your post. Your description of Stillwater is right on and the feeling you receive being there is also right on. Thanks, Jeni.

    • Jeni

      Thanks Pastor Coe!

  3. Marissa Sutera

    Perfect description of a fun and interesting day in Stillwater. It was lovely meeting you on the trip!

    • Jeni

      Thanks Marissa. It was lovely to meet you too:) Excited to follow your adventures.

  4. Beth

    I love Stillwater, I feel it’s similar to Duluth (maybe because of the Lift Bridge and waterfront?) but you can get there from the Cities much faster. Northern Vineyards is one of my favorites too! And I grew up loving the burgers at the Freight House.

  5. Feisty Eats

    Fascinating. I love the history of towns. That vineyard looks charming & the bridge is picture perfect. Sounds fun!

    • Jeni

      Thanks Sarah! I do too. History geek.

  6. Katy F.

    Sounds like a fun excursion!!

  7. Michelle

    Sounds like you had a fun excursion and some great food while you were there.

    I love Stillwater and get there fairly often. Two of my favorite places: Candyland (because I can’t get enough of their cheddar popcorn) and MaraMi (because I love their stationery, cards, gifts, etc.).

    • Jeni

      I’m kind of jealous you get to go there more often:) We DID make it to Candyland. I gave the Chicago mix to mom and dad. It smelled so good though.

  8. Beth Ann Chiles

    The one place Chris and I did not make it to before we moved and it was on our list. Thanks to you I now feel like I have been there! Lovely write up on what seems to be a magical town!

  9. Katie

    I LOVE Stillwater. I don’t go often, but its more because I want to keep it special. Last time I went to the cheese shop, and had an awesome experience!

  10. Alicia Underlee Nelsom

    Great post! I’m headed to Stillwater later this month, so this (and the comments!) will help me plan. Thanks!

  11. Jamie

    I have some pretty fond memories of Stillwater too!! It seems like every time I go, I find something new to do and explore… and seeing the lift bridge never GETS old.

    • Jeni

      It really is beautiful. And I can’t believe it’s really that old

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