A magical place exists in Northeast Minneapolis where they serve momos and sushi.

The name is Momo Sushi.

I met my friend here on a brutally cold evening. In Minnesota, brutally cold is sub-zero. A heat wave is 26+.

Hot green tea is complimentary here, as if offering both sushi and momos isn’t great enough.

What I really want to talk about is the vegetarian sushi platter – the Vegetable Deluxe. We both ordered it.

Veggie sushi combos are sometimes quite boring – you might get rolls made with cucumber and carrots,  maybe some avocado if you’re lucky. With the complimentary green tea and bowl of miso soup, this sushi combo feels like a work of art for $14.

Now, I didn’t love everything on the platter the same – the crunchy pickled carrots were kind of hard to bite. I could have traded a pickled radish and ribbony-thing topped piece for more avocado (when don’t I want more avocado?). But all in all, I loved the variety and bounty of vegetable sushi.

The tempura asparagus sushi drizzled with eel sauce were delightful. I also have a soft spot for inari sushi – sweet, chewy tofu pockets stuffed with sushi rice.

Most of the vegetarian sushi rolls cost $3.95 – a couple more deluxe ones cost around $5. You could easily put together your own feast.

But this time I wanted to be surprised.