Quick Post About Lunch At Brava: Rochester, Minnesota

As summer turns to fall, I’m continuing to drive to and from Rochester about twice a month.

I wrote about our search for breakfast in Rochester earlier this year.

This month entailed two trips to and from Rochester. On work days, we’re in a mad rush trying to race back to work. I decided to take it easy after my last visit.

The restaurant I chose to visit on my way home was Brava, a restaurant serving East African food.

This Post Bulletin article from February 2018 shares more about the owners. 

Positive reviews kept popping up on Yelp when I searched Rochester restaurants. Love Yelp or hate it, sometimes it’s the biggest source of information about restaurants in smaller cities.

The menu  at Brava is short and sweet, offering dishes like gyros, chicken wraps, rice dishes, and injera with stewed meat.

I brought home a simple lunch of sambusas and cup of Somali tea.

Together, it’s a sweet, savory and salty pairing that I order every time I come across it. The tea reminds me of a chai latte (you can order it without the milk). Sambusas are egg roll-like wrappers stuffed with savory filling and fried. Upon ordering, I was asked if I wanted beef sambusas, so I’m guessing there may also be a vegetarian version. Brava’s are pleasantly spicy with almost a tangy note. The tiny cup of green sauce provided a sweet contrast and spicy punch.

I meant to save the sambusas for home, but couldn’t resist grabbing a piping hot sambusa in the car. They’re delicious reheated, but that first one eaten right out of the bag was fantastic.

All in all, a lovely lunch stop that I would return to again.

If you have any Rochester breakfast or lunch suggestions, feel free to share them. 

Brava Restaurant & Cafe
1217 Marion Rd SE

Rochester, MN 55904
(507) 258-7334


  1. katie

    Here’s hoping these trips give you the answers you are looking for! I haven’t spent much time in Rochester, my parents went with my brother for doctors appointments this month and they ate at Chesters, and was so popular it required reservations, which is annoying. Glad you found a food spot thats a little out of the typical burger world.

  2. Val - Corn, Beans, Pigs & Kids

    Your sambusas look delicious. Thinking of you!

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