Last week, Jake and I visited The Green Market to try their special Day of the Dead menu that had been offered for five days.  You can read more about The Green Market in this Heavy Table article.

Photo disclaimer: I forgot my camera at The Green Market and used an iPhone.  Mick’s Office was really dark.  

The Green Market
69 4th Street N.
Fargo, ND 

On this evening, we selected from both the regular and special menu options (although each item is always special because The Green Market constantly adjusts their menu according to what’s fresh and local).

We ordered some of the most delicious red wine I have tasted, in addition to the pickle plate, $7.

The pickle plate was stunning and included four unique pickles.  We delicately crunched on thin slices of sweet carrot strongly scented with an herb ( possibly thyme?),  halves of small, tart, green tomatoes, crunchy green beans, which were Jake’s favorite, and creamy eggplant marinated in oil, my favorite.

We also tried some sort of airy potato pancakes.  The exterior was shatteringly crisp while the interior was light as a cloud.  They were perfectly paired with a flavorful pesto and acidic cabbage salad.

For my entree, I ordered the “seared pink snapper in tomato serrano sauce,” $15.

The fish arrived piping hot and tasted incredibly fresh.  The skin was thin and compellingly crispy.  The tomato serrano sauce was mild and slightly creamy.  Though the sauce wasn’t bad by any means, I felt like it was a little off-balanced; like it was missing something, possibly acidity.  The fresh, green garnishes were delightful, especially the crispy, tart halves of what I guess were small green tomatoes.

Jake ordered the “roast lamb tacos with slaw, avocado, and La Unica tortillas,” $9.

Two large tacos were stuffed with juicy, tender, slow-cooked lamb meat.  They were garnished with plentiful slices of ripe avocado.  Despite the red color of the sauce, the tacos were really quite mild.  Personally, I wished for more spiciness from the sauce, but I nearly always wish for more spiciness.  I also like dousing tacos in lime, a habit I picked up in Mexico.  The tacos were comforting like pot roast.  Really delicious pot roast, and Jake devoured them.

I enjoyed dining in The Green Market’s unpretentious, comfortable space that buzzed with tables of customers.  For intentionally using locally-sourced and organic ingredients, the prices are shockingly affordable.  The taste and quality of the food really conjured what I’ve eaten at Spoonriver for a significantly lower cost and I look forward to trying more.

Mick’s Office
10 8th Street S.
Moorhead, MN 56560

Early this week, I met friends for happy hour, before attending Standing On Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays performed at Moorhead State University (which was incredible and moving).

I hadn’t heard of Mick’s Office and was pleasantly surprised when my GPS led me to a divey-looking place wedged next to a Taco John’s.  The interior was as divey as the exterior, in a fun and cozy way.  Having recently gone on a run in the brisk wind, I thoroughly enjoyed my $1.50 ribbed, plastic cup O’ Michelob Golden Light and $5 burger basket.

For no extra cost, I was given the option of adding grilled onions and cheese, of which I chose American, as you may notice by the unctuous, plasticky orange sheet.  On a cheap burger, I always prefer American cheese.  The burger was cooked past the medium-rare state and a bit firm on the edges, but still quite juicy.  The bun was soft, but held up to the burger and toppings.  I especially appreciated the end of the bar that displayed a container of crispy dill pickle slices available for self-serve, and squirt bottles of many condiments.

The burger came with crispy slices of potatoes.  Thinner than a fry and thicker than a chip, and more fun to eat than either one.  They were relatively u-ngreasy, and delightfully puffy, though lacking in salt.

Overall, a lot of fun and I would certainly return for the laid-back, divey atmosphere, cheap beer and $5 burger basket.