I know we’re 2000 and late to Malcom Yards Food Hall.

Back in November 2021 I visited here for a quick meal at Bagu.

We tried to go back soon after, but there was such a long line to get into the parking lot that we left.

It’s permanently busy, even on a weekday.

Jake really wanted to try Wrecktangle pizza which recently won Good Morning America’s Best Pizza in America contest. Detroit-style pizza is having a moment here.

My personal favorite pizza is still NY style, followed by whatever Carbone’s and Heggies is, followed by Neapolitan. If i wanted to eat a loaf of focaccia bread, i’d just buy a loaf of focaccia bread (braces for cancellation).

Malcom Yards is located in a weird universe by the University of Minnesota, couple of concrete grain silos, a whisky distillery, and new cookie cutter condos that are going up everywhere. Dust flew as we walked inside from the gravel parking lot.

Upon entering, you check-in at the front desk where they start your tab and give you a plastic cards to scan at each station to purchase food and drinks. Each restaurant will text you when your food is ready to pick-up. And then upon leaving, you place the card in a basket that will later be tallied + a 20% auto-grat.

There’s a pour-your-own beer wall on one side of the food hall and a bar with cocktails on other. I ordered the apple cocktail and it was lovely.

We ordered a few dishes to share:

From Mama Dosa: The Keema Dosa  ($13) is filled with ground meat, red onion, parsley, zucchini, mozzarella, parm, basic and fennel. The dosa itself was delightfully crisp and delicate. Overall, I found the flavors of the meat filling and dipping sauces to be mild. It reminded me of pizza without the cheese.

I wish I had ordered the Masala Dosa filled with potatoes and chilis instead, but hadn’t read the menu description closely.

All in all, it was tasty and cheesy. I was just looking for something punchier.

Wrecktangle Pizza: Jake ordered the Shredder. For about $20, the pan of pizza is quite large and filling. Definitely enough to share. I liked the hot honey touch. Overall, the elements weren’t spicy, but we agreed it’s a very tasty and filling pizza.

Abang Yoli: I know this is super boring, but I’m trying to lower my cholesterol levels right now so I skipped the fried chicken and ordered the chicken lettuce wraps and kimchi ($14).

The lettuce wraps weren’t my favorite – I found the chicken slightly chewy. However, Jake liked the wraps and commented on the smoky grilled flavor from the chicken.

I really liked the kimchi. It was bright and flavorful and delightfully spicy.

All in all, we enjoyed trying new foods. The bathrooms are nice, the prices are reasonable, and the food hall space is pleasant to dine in. On less windy days, you can also sit outside on the patios. It’s a great place to meet people. Don’t be surprised if other customers walk by and ask you about the food you ordered.

Next time I’d try some other foods, as there’s lots much more to try.