Still waiting on baby. He’s taking his sweet time.

Here’s a quick post on some really good momo and sambusas I’ve enjoyed recently.

Amazing Momo

The smell of pan fried dumplings stopped me in my tracks.

Earlier this month I visited the downtown St. Paul farmers market on a Saturday morning while Jake took the toddler to gymnastics.

The Saturday market is a more lively scene than the Sunday market – there was live music and more prepared food vendors, which is the main draw for me. Because snacks!

Sure, fruits and veggies are great, but it’s all a guise for my search for breakfast which can come in any form.

You’ll smell Amazing Momo before you see them. A small crowd patiently gathered around their stand waiting for pan fried dumplings.

They were serving many different flavors including chicken, veggie and beef, plus steamed options. Everyone in line was waiting for pan-fried dumplings. The sizzle and smell is intoxicating, especially on a cool fall morning.

I ordered the pan fried beef momo – $10 for eight, large, juicy dumplings with crispy, caramelized wrappers. Choose from a number of dipping sauces including spicy ranch, hot sauce, soy sauce and spicy mayo.

Follow their Facebook page for information on where they will appear next. Maybe you can catch them this weekend!

Karibu Grocery & Deli

As you know, I’ve been on a beef sambusa and Somali tea marathon. It’s a combination I’ve been seeking during much of this pregnancy (let’s be real, I always want beef sambusas and Somali tea).

I often visit Kaah Coffee Shop after my doctor appointments near the U of M.

Capital Cafe down the street serves really good tea. I like theirs the best because it’s the least sweet and most spiced.

Karibu is located closer to us in East Saint Paul along Payne Avenue, home to a lot of amazing restaurants. I would love to do a restaurant crawl down Payne Ave.

There’s a little parking lot in the back. Inside there is spacious seating and a small grocery section of pantry items.

The menu offers a concise selection of dishes including what I hear is a very good gyro and philly cheesesteak, plus a vegetarian, chicken and goat entree.

Somali tea is self-serve. Karibu’s is sweeter and more milky than Kaah and Capital Cafe’s.

I ordered beef sambusas ($2) which they fried to order and serve with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce.

The sambusa filling is wonderfully spiced. My nose was definitely running. I savored them during the week. They are my new favorite version and I would not hesitate to return for more. I’m excited that they’re located nearby.