Fortunately, I am no longer eating frozen shit at midnight. For a while when we were taking overnight shifts watching Addie, I was.

I’d wander downstairs bleary-eyed and heat something up. If I couldn’t heat it up in a microwave I wouldn’t buy it.

Heck, I just turned on my oven for the first time last week. I made a Brewpub pizza after she went to bed and it was delightful. I almost forgot what molten hot cheese felt and tasted like.

I’m still not cooking much, but I’m cooking a little. On Sundays, we’ll tag team watching Addie and grill a bunch of stuff.

Otherwise it’s delivery, takeout, bags of those hardboiled eggs for survival, and, well. . .frozen stuff.

Bibigo Korean Style Steamed Dumplings (Chicken & Vegetables)
Cost: $2.86 at Walmart

Walmart became my new overlord when they let me get the COVID-19 vaccine before any other entity. During these late nights, I desperately tried to find vaccine appointments. Finally one tip worked – setting my computer clock ahead one hour and then searching Walmart’s site at 11 p.m.

The Walmart in Forest Lake is calm and organized. The staff at the pharmacy were efficient and exceptionally friendly. I cruised the grocery aisles while I waited the 15 minutes after the vaccine, loading my arms with snacks I couldn’t find at our closest grocery stores.

I picked up these dumplings in the frozen section. They even have microwave instructions!

Simply microwave and serve with the little packet of slightly sweet vinegar sauce. The dumplings are very juicy and flavorful. You will want to bite into them carefully so the hot liquid doesn’t squirt everywhere.

Each box is under $3 so it makes a nice, easy meal. I’ve repurchased a few times now.

Sweet  Earth Curry Tiger
Cost: $4.29 at Target

Do healthy frozen food companies know they can use salt?

This actually wasn’t bad. One time I liked the curry sauce better so I’m not sure if that was me or if the sauce isn’t consistent. Add some salt and hot pepper flakes. I really like lentils and the veggies stayed crispish. It won’t change your life, but is otherwise a healthy, reasonably tasty meal that will fill you up.

Tattooed Chef Egg Roll Bowl
Cost: $4.99 at Target

I really like the concept of this bowl – and if you’re eating a lot of meals at midnight and want something low in carbs, the taste and texture is pretty ok. The crumbled “beef” tastes fine. It needs some hot pepper flakes and some soy sauce or tamari to offset the sweetness. That was the only thing that I didn’t love – the overwhelming sweetness.

Better Bakery Pretzel Melts: Cheese & Pepperoni Pizza
Cost: $3.59 at Target

I bought this during the pandemic when I was fantasizing about a service that would delivery mall pretzels and cheese. Now I see it’s possible.

I remember this tasting fine – the parmesan cheese topping tastes like those season packets from some of the pizza delivery places. And the fillings taste as disgusting and delightful as pepperoni, pizza sauce and gooey American cheese might taste (shrug). I still haven’t had the craving to eat the second one yet.